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The Silent Guardian

Eyes as sharp as a Hawk
Claws built to rip flesh from stock
These grey hulled predators stalk
The realms where few dare to knock

What meets the eye is but a light
But lurking, in prowl, is the fight
Even the Gods descend, for it is a sight
And a only a few can stand its might

As they saunter the uncharted depths
Striking terror unto foes aplenty
The mean machines have but on purpose
To guard the walls that can never be built

(c) The First Born (FB 😀 )
(February, 2014)

Arjun is the first born. My Sun Child 🙂 The younger one is the Lion 😀

I’ve gone on and on incessantly about them, so much so they’re part of the Blog Tradition here. 🙂

For those who do not know, Arjun is in the Indian Navy (ok, you probably guessed it from the verse I’ve shared ), a third generation Naval Officer in the family. I’m not sure how, but he simply had to join it. Like his uncles before him, and his grandfather who too had to. The fascination I guess.

And, all said and done, more said and less done, the beating that the Services, particularly the Navy is being given these days, it is particularly heart-rending, for me personally, this verse he has shared. There are those cynical and indifferent personnel both within and without The Armed Forces who speak of sycophants, of corruption, of the ‘system’ that is flawed. And there are still youngsters, who, with eyes wide open, knowing the grim underbelly is not a pretty picture, still find their hearts and destinies entwined with just doing what they do.

This one here, Arjun’s, I like to think is dedicated to the Submarines. The ones that have taken the hardest knock of late. And what I know, is just as much, or as little as you do. Confidentiality and all. Fact. I’m not sure wanting to, or knowing more would help all those brave souls who gave it all. They know. They knew. All along.

I still find inspiration. A surge of pride. A slight missing of a heartbeat, when my heart can’t quite take the weight of that pride when the services are spoken of. No matter what. That’s why I had to write in, knowing my voice was just one among thousands, to The Hindu, on 28 Feb, 2014. That they published the letter the next day was a pleasant surprise, though the reason for having written in was a sad one.


And, no matter what, though he may know a whole lot of things, I’d like to think Arjun does too. 🙂

I had to come out of my self-imposed exile from this space, due to reasons of health, to post this. Couldn’t not, when I read this,  just this evening.

Sham No Varunah.

May Varunah be auspicious.

Godspeed, you brave mariners.

18 March, 2014