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Love, and More… :)

I’m a die-hard romantic. Dyed-in-the-wool mush and goo addict that I even have a category for it 😀 And this is why. Each time Love finds a way. Each time I’ve seen love at work, I know it’s just another miracle, living out it’s daily routine. But a miracle, nonetheless 🙂

There is this guy. He is a romantic as well, but hides it well. He had the words, the heart, and sometimes I’ve felt, so very much, the need to be loved, just for himself, for what he is, not what he can be. And found it. Just like that. Love found a way. 🙂 🙂

And she? Just another girl-next-door, you might think. Or a paragon of all-that-it-takes-to-make-dreams-come-true? Way beyond 🙂 But I shall not pigeon-hole her; suffice to say she’s a beauty, inside and out 🙂 🙂

The story? Now, that’s straight out of the Romantic Comedies, and the Mush and Goo he loves, just like I do 😀 Imagine this: her brother’s marriage; he’s the best man. (Oh yeah. Right. You KNOW). He’s at their residence a week in advance, DDLJ ishtyle. Helping with the preparations, ferrying the groom’s dad and his friends around the place. Taking ‘her’ around to do shopping/ beauty parlour visits. He’s generally the Man Friday. And people are ‘talking’ about him and her. Everyone pooh poohs the idea. Her mother, her brother, the groom ie… 😛 And of course, the two. I mean, seriously. And that was not a cover-up. Sounds like that film you saw?

Ok. The wedding is done. The relatives departing. Friends also. And he. But once he’s back at work, even before that, when he spends quality time with his other best friend, Jyo, and his brother, he, while talking, makes THE REALIZATION. This is it. And calls the groom-turned-new-husband. Her brother. Then her parents.  After speaking to her 😀

And she? Well, errrmmmm…. she too. It grows on her, what she is missing. Who, rather 🙂 He calls, after her brother speaks to her. They talk. There is still, of course, the matter of asking her father. That too, soon enough. And, all the while his mother wonders :D, what’s happening! Is it the sane choice? It’s Two States playing out. Only this time, it’s the South Indian Bwoy and the North Indian Gal. But what the heck, she revels in that sorta thing. As does her other offspring 😀 😀

He doesn’t call his mother. His friend does. Her brother, to give the ‘good news’, his privilege he calls it. The mother is rather puzzled, confused, and dying to talk to her son. At that very point in time, her son loses his mobile phone. Dang it! She, the mother that is, is NOT going to say anything till she’s spoken to the lover boy. No sireee! Within half an hour, she gets a call from a new number, from, of course, her son. She says she’ll get back, as she’s in the middle of work, and cannot talk.

Nail-biting nervous hours later, they talk. He talks rather. She queries as to the state of the ’emotion’. Love she believes in. Infatuation? She knows that too.

Knowing, soon enough, that it’s the real thing, she’s at peace. But no matter what she might have thought, no matter at all, it is their life, she knows, and knows too that they would take what decision they did, responsibly.

They did.

And with all of our blessings, they got married. Last year, today. 29 June.


29 June, 2012

Today, they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The first, I know, of the many they are going to count. As they will the blessings and prayers that come to them from all of us. Me mostly. 😛 And Ashwin and Neeti, and their granparents, Ammai, G’amman, Kiran, Lakshmi, Appu, Paru, Kuttan, Chinnu (from Pet’s Paradise 🙂 ), other family, friends, and all those who love. 🙂

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me :D

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me 😀

With younger two, too - who had a few more months to go :) Ashwin and Neeti :)

With younger two, too – who had a few more months to go 🙂 Ashwin and Neeti 🙂

That’s the US 🙂 above.


With Kiran and Lakshmi

Ammai n Gopimman :)

Ammai n Gopimman 🙂

Arjun, my first born, and Pratibha, my Parukutty, here’s the biggest, most lovingest hug ever, from me. And yet another never-ending stream of prayers and wishes, to flood your life with love, joy, togethernesses 🙂

Arjun has been sailing since the first week of June, and has just returned in time, just in time, to be with Paru for their first 🙂 How glad we are for that!


At Ashwin and Neeti’s Reception 🙂

My darling Paru and Arjun, you are so dearly loved. Stay blessed. And lead each other as you have in your relationship, with equanimity, scaffolding each other, walking side-by-side, with the sun shining out on you always 🙂 Or at least soon after any squall that comes 🙂 🙂

May you be the best you can, to each other. God Bless, always.

28 June, 2013 for 29 June 2013


Can’t Not… :D

It’s been more than a week since I’ve written anything (it has been longer sometimes, here on the blog :D, but this time, it’s different). Other than notes on the blackboard, notes in my books, notes while doing papers, and I’ve been wanting to write. Write what? It’s funny how when one explains that to someone. I’m dying to write,  you get a look. You know, don’t you? Some roll their eyes. Or you get squiggled eyebrows. You do. Honest. 😀

It’s worse still when they ask you the what. And then, sometimes, like I am usually, I’m stumped. Because I want to write, but am not sure about the what. There is something that wants me to, but refuses to show itself. And so here I am, because I have to.

Perhaps it’s just self aggrandizement. Perhaps it’s letting that inner dragon have its moment, so that it will let me be. Most times, it’s just the writing. Even if it is something insensible. Even if takes a long time, and a lengthy piece of writing to write that ‘nothing’. It’s cathartic as well. 😀

It’s like Mark Twain, Blaise Pascal (I just discovered when a King Kumpz, on FB shared a similar quote attributing it to Pascal from this link) when he writes, I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one. 😛

Yup. That is how absolutely bonkers I am. And more so, it is rather inspired too. When I finally made myself put aside all those test papers and question papers, and allowed me to simple wallow in words, I came across this link  (click here), shared on FB, by Monika Manchanda. It’s hugely entertaining, with a huge dollop of truth. Please note, as this is a blog read by family, friends and *heaven help!!! :D* some stray students of mine, I must refrain from using the *f* word, of which there is an absolute overdose on that page by Matt Haig. I have not read his books, but something there tells me I most certainly shall enjoy it 😀 The humour and the sarcasm are delicious there 😀

I had to. So I did. And that, sometimes, is the best way. Raw, unpolished, and nonsensical. I’m too nerdy a grammarian sometimes, that it’s such a relief to have something here that beats all of that. Like, literally.

It’s time. My papers beckon. I cannot stray too far from them, lest they cause grave danger to my digestion. No, I’m not going to eat them. But they’ll sure make sure I eat the promises I’ve made, regarding those papers. And that, my dear readers, is no good. 😀

Uh. Errrm. Well. That’s it, then.

At least, I got a few out. Even if it’s less than 450 😛


26 June, 2013
Pic courtesy Google Images, for Sarcasm 😛 😛
Edited, 0045 hrs, 27 June, 2013, to correct information on Blaise Pascal’s quote


Like you’ve never, before…

Dream like it’s the only place to go.
Wake, like you’ve reached.
Sing, as if that’s all you do.
Dance, the rhythm’s flowing from you.
Love. Each moment, you can.
Be the hero. You’re the only one.
Maybe, the villain. It IS such fun.
Box, pummel, strike, slap.
Zip, zoom, zonk and zap.
Remember those secrets.
Now tell them ALL.

Sigh. You know, I’m happy.
I can do them all.
I do. Honest.

You see, I read ’em books.
And they let me.




19 June, 2013


Literally, Figuratively

From the beginning of the start
To the ending of the close

The tautology of my life
Pales into the colourless.
The synonimity of each day
Blends the same flavour.
Most often.

So I’m rummaging for newness
Trying to read between the lines
Picking at the petrifying thoughts
In the basket case I’m becoming.

Seeking a fresh persona
From the foxy oxymoron
Of a nervously brave, but
Bravely foolish woman
I seem to be.

From rhythmic metres
And the cacophony of rhyme
Onomatopoeic in grunts and sighs
In the sibilance of loss
Sometimes thumping drumbeats
Of ecstasy gone awry…

The metaphor that life has become
Is getting mighty hard to unravel.

Till then-
Let me address myself
In supposed hypbole…

“The Unresolved Poem”

15 June, 2013
😀 Welcome to the nerdy rambler’s riot of misplaced misunderstood logic of life in literary overdose. 😛
PS – Google does a great job of giving you definitive definitions on some of the over-the-top figures of speech used in the write. 😀


Now You See Me …and…

… hold your breath; Now You Do. 🙂 Okay, I got you thinking it was going to be a movie review, right? Right. It is. 😛 Except this is what I’d call the usual Non Review I do. The disclaimer I usually add too, should be in place. But since it’s exhausting, for you (and me :D), not to mention boring (for you, definitely 😛 ), to read it with each of those movie/book posts I do, appearing to cringe for my lack of knowledge of technicalities, and doing the right-brain leave-logic-out-of-it thingy, I shall add it to my sidebar. Soon. Till then, you’ll have to refer to the disclaimer from this link, from my previous “review post” (link).

0920 Hrs, on a workday, there I was with Neeti and Kiran, watching, for the very first time in my life, the first day first show of a film. Now You See Me.

Now You See Me is one movie I thoroughly enjoyed. There. In a nutshell, my review is done 🙂 But then, the child in me, that was entertained wants to tell you more, and even the spoiler, of the twist in the tale, in the tail 😀 (But, of course, I won’t ) And that’s what you get with Magicians, Illusionists, a dark history, a cult that appeals to the trickster, Detectives, Interpol, and of course, let us not forget, the Money from Bank Heists showering down upon an unsuspecting audience 🙂


Reviews in newspapers and IMBD would perhaps deflect your attention toward cliches reworked and non-existent storyline, and the usual yada yada… 🙂 I’ve never gone with reviews, thankfully, perhaps because the movie-goer that I am is basically a child, a wide-eyed child, who still has a bit of wonder left. So, the next question forming in your mind is whether I like ALL the films I see. I don’t. But I’m fascinated nonetheless, with each effort. Not very discriminating, right? Right, again. You still want to read? 😆

“The closer you look, the less you’ll see”, is the tagline. And, for most part, you try to delve too deeply, and double guess, I guess you’ll be rather disappointed. I was taken for a ride, and I enjoyed it very much, thank you. Yes, I’ve already said that. But the bonanza of some marvellous special effects that help to create the magic, and the fast paced dialogues add to the charm. Let your imagination take over.


The Four Horsemen, as the individual Magicians call themselves, after they form a sort of show, with Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) as their backer, have different skill sets, and are as different from each other as is possible. Three men and one woman. A card specialist (Jessie Eisenberg, of the Social Network fame), a Mentalist (Woody Harrelson, who I thought of only as a villain, 😛 ),the Lady Houdini ( Isla Fisher 🙂 )  and the one with the fastest hand (Dave Franco) – these people are brought together by a hooded watcher who delivers tarot cards, a time, and a location for them to meet. The Tarot Cards show ‘Love’, ‘ The Hermit’, ‘The High Priestess’ and ‘Death’.

A year later, they have an act. And the first (?) of them involves a heist, at a French Bank; the money of which showers down on an unsuspecting audience. In the ensuing scramble, and the discovery of the robbery, daylight, public robbery, the police get involved, and also a charming French Detective. Dylan Hobbs (Mark Ruffalo – Hulk, from The Avengers 😀  How I loved him!!! 😀 ), and Alma Vargas (Melanie Laurent -the young Shoshana from ‘Inglorious Bastards’ ) are investigating; also, constantly hovering is Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) , the one man who wants to expose these Illusionists for what they are. That’s his speciality. (Thank you Google, for giving me the cast, and the characters’ names :D)

The four are investigated, and interrogated, of course, and this forms a really witty part of the film. Not having any evidence of their involvement in what happened a continent away, they are free to go. But followed and watched, all the time! Obvio!! 😛 (that’s the YJHD effect 😛 )

Cut to a brief glimpse of Thaddeus’ oeuvre – how he has built himself up as the one man who will show the public what a lot of fools they are to believe in what they see. But then, Ah! The Closer you look, the less you see!’ Irony strikes here. We’re told of a certain Lionel Shirke who tried to comeback, after being exposed by Thaddeus, but sadly was never seen again, after being lowered into the river in a safe in which he locked himself, from which he was to emerge, unscathed. It’s moment we come back to time and again, for now we know that the Four Horsemen have a Fifth, and we wonder, and we wonder, at who it could be.

The second show they put up, reveals more. The police are ready to arrest them in case of any attempt to break the law, rob, whachumacallit. And they do. In style. In front of the whole jingbanglot. 😀 Cool.

Now, of course, they’re wanted, hunted, and… on the run. Obvio. 😛 So who gets who? And how are they caught? The Fifth Horseman? Is that an Illusion too?

For a fun evening, when you willingly suspend disbelief, go and watch this. I liked the racy pace, and found the cult-thing a bit confusing; but what I liked the most was that even though some tricks were explained, most of the inferring of the whodunnit, and whowasitreally is left to us. 😀 I remember talking of it, way way into our drive home from Q Cinemas, with Neeti and Kiran.

What you have to believe is what happened next. 😀

The same day, we went for the next film. Another first. Watching two movies, back to back 😀 This time, it was ‘After Earth’. Manoj Night Shyamalan’s. Will Smith’s. Jaden Smith’s.  And we wondered, and wondered, long after, why the heck we had to watch it on the same day as the Magical Movie. 😀

Still ‘After Earth’ has its moments. There were actually times when I almost jumped out of my seat. The suspense pans well, on occasion. Will Smith is grim. Jaden Smith could act. He doesn’t really, in this film. 😛 But the locales are breathtaking. And the tagline is catchy. ‘Danger is Real. Fear is a Choice’ Plus a few other lines. It’s still a well made Sci Fi Film, about 1000 years after Earth has been abandoned, and all the creatures on Earth being now evolved into being that want to hurt humans.


Will Smith and Jaden are father and son in the film as well. (Obvio 😛 ) It’s about improving their relationship, while trying, at the same time, to learn to deal with fear. The sub-plots, I mean. I won’t spoil it further, with any more details. 🙂

But, just don’t see this on a day you’ve seen something really entertaining. 🙂

Till the next Non Review then.

My Recommendation? “Now You See Me” Definitely. “After Earth”, if you’re a Smiths’ Fan, and want to pass time 🙂

10 June, 2013
Pictures courtesy the innumerable ones on Google Search 😀