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7; Because the Zero does not count :)


No matter how hot the summer is, and the how delayed the rains are, no matter that schools open partially, and fully by the end of the month, May is a beautiful month for us. It’s when sometimes, the Thrissur Pooram happens (not this year though 🙂 ), it’s the annual Spring-of-Feelings-And-Emotions for Mothers’ Day. It’s the time to celebrate how much younger my mother gets, each year.

Mummy’s birthday. She’s featured here, (link) three years ago. The thing isn’t that I’ve been stumped for more to write, but that she shies away from the mush I pour out here. So I have to temper it; with a bit of difficulty, I tell you. But then, this year again, is special 🙂 The title says it all, if you get the gist of my absurd way of putting it. But honest, nevertheless 🙂

There is very little my mother cannot do. That’s a fact. Of course, you know what I mean. Coming from a huge joint family has, I suppose, made each of the members of her family aware of the need to cater for large numbers. For whatever. Be it cooking up a storm, accomodating that many at home, taking care of guests, organizing an occasion, not just at home, but the neighbours, and family and friends’ places… she’s there! And not just in the kitchen too!

She’s event manager, Supervisor, hands-in-it Chef and Cleaner, Hostess, Grand-Hostess (at her grandkids’ weddings 😛 ), Masseur, Carer, Counsellor, I’m-Always-There-For-You-er, with the gentlest and biggest shoulder there is, to rest your tired head, and bawl away. Not that she’ll take much of that nonsense. She’ll put you straight, and not let you wallow or linger in your self-righteous pity 😆 ! Each time, I keep wondering, who IS there for her? Her faith, her family (though I do wonder if at all we could ever be a solace… having always taken from her!)

Mummy, pink, N'cheriamma, golden-yellow, Veliamma - white :)  The Trimoorthi :)

Mummy, pink, N’cheriamma, golden-yellow, Veliamma – white 🙂
The Trimoorthi 🙂

Going on seventy, she still the most energetic person I know. From the time she wakes up early in the morning, somewhere at 5 am, or earlier 🙂 , to her walk to and fro, to the Temple, for which she walks through paddy fields, up and down a little hillock, in small, but sprightly steps. I’ve always felt that is what has been the mainstay of her sheer life. That walk, that faith. And one she does not preach about, but lives, for us to see, know and if at all, emulate. No preaching. 🙂

After the day begins, and the chores are attended to, the midday meal is done, Appu and Paru, and sometimes my Kutan and Chinnu, if they are there, fed and settled down, you’d think it’s time for a power nap at least. But no, not at all. She’s around, walking through the compound, perhaps catching up with a neighbour, reading something, or watching a part of her favourite film on TV (for an extremely short period of time – she has ADHD, where TV is concerned 😛 )

After 3 pm, it’s bikki time OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(biscuits… for which Paru would have already started wheedling :D) and then a walk with them around the fields in front of the house. The evening time, sometimes, a walk again to the temple, a visit perhaps to a neighbours house, sitting around outside, on the Jhoola :), planning for the next day… sometimes catching up with her children and her siblings by phone… there is never enough time for her to do the things she wants to!

After a knee surgery, in 2011, unlike most people who might have accepted limited mobility and not dared to push it, she was not deterred from doing what she really wanted to. A visit to the shrine at Vaishno Devi, on foot, to and fro, with her eldest son and wife, the next year.. She was sixty nine then. I’m stupefied, even to this day, by that.

She walks on wings of faith, for sure, The certainty of her belief has been a succor to all who know her. Her generosity of spirit, and deed are legendary amongst family, friends and the neighbourhood. Lovingly called “Sharath-ammamma” (Pisharath – belonging to the Pisharody House 🙂 – Ammamma, Amma’s Amma – grandmother) by most of the young people there, she knows practically every family, their kids, grand-kids and is generally looked up to, for all sorts of reasons. Nobody there is surprised. The goodwill created is just that – sheer goodness of the heart.

I know I’ll never be even a fraction of who she is- that is a fact. But just that we have been touched by the loveliness, and have the good fortune to have been a part of her, and have her as part of us, that is benediction enough.

For the seven year old’s energy she has, not minding the zeroes in her life at all… may, May she be blessed with good health and happiness and Peace of Mind (she says that is a Myth – in my previous post on her I remember writing this :D) and love of her dear ones, always.

Birthday gurl :) Circa 2006, Paru being just adopted the previous month :)

Birthday gurl 🙂 Circa 2006, Paru being just adopted the previous month 🙂

Happy Birthday Mummy! Lots of Love, always, but always, from all of us.


14 May, 2013, for 15th May, 2013 (Mummy’s Birthday 🙂 )

Edited to add:
Pictures from today 🙂


M is for Mummy
M is for Madhavikutty 🙂




Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

25 thoughts on “7; Because the Zero does not count :)

  1. Happy Birthday to your Amma! Happy Seventh, i’d say! 🙂

    “She walks on wings of faith, for sure..” – may she keep walking that walk and spreading the strength and the cheer to everyone around her! It’s my Dad’s birthday today (14th) and he’s turning 6 next year 😀


    • Wow. Belated wishes to the 6 year old 🙂
      And thank you David 🙂 My mother reads the comments, when I show her my blog, and she’s always amazed by the warmth and cheer shared by you all. Thank you on her behalf as well!


  2. Great lady, your amma is! She is going to be an inspiration to us!

    She walked up and down to Vaishno Devi? Great! I feel that people who love animals live with peace…I see your dogs near her in the pictures!

    And she has got lovely children! The zoroes will never count for her! Happy birthday to her!


  3. You are lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you! Praying for her health, happiness and long life for many many years to come!


  4. Happy birthday to your mom 🙂 Let us know how this birthday gets celebrated 😀


  5. A very happy bday to your mom, Ushus! May God bless her with good health and happiness always 🙂


  6. “There is very little my mother cannot do. That’s a fact.” I think this one line summarises everything about her. Absolutely nothing! Im still wondering whether there is something she hasnt done for me and i cant think of anything! absolutely anythig!! Shes been one of the most humblest persons i have come across! The humblest i would say. She is the last person who would think about herself! Absolutely selfless and always wanting to take care of others!! GHOD!! So happy she gets when she gets to take care of people and make foodfor them and more happier when the food is finished. Shes got the nack for everything!!! Like in Ustaad Hotel!! Its not just filling someones stomach by cooking, u have to fill his/her mind!! Thats what shes spot on with!! Love u ammumma!! U dont know how much!! Just remember that whatever be it I have always loved u and will always love u!! You are the BEST!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Awww… Ash, Ammumz was so so so happy to read your words… and wanted to know, Ashwin wrote that? Oh he can write like that also? And that Ustaad Hotel perspective is bang on the spot! Thank you so much, sweetheart for making Ammumz and my day all the more special 🙂 Love you too… said she, and me 🙂 Says… 🙂


  7. wow now here is someone who can inspires the whole world with her energy and heart.
    are we super blessed or what to have them as our mentors, friends, shopping pals …..list is too long
    Usha if you hadn’t told no one could have guessed that Aunt is 70…Your Mom has such a Royal aura around her.
    hugs and love to the Birthday Girl..Here’s to many many more years of fun and cakes and beautiful surprises 🙂


  8. When she has a daughter like you, you don’t need Curious Case of Benjamin button to happen physically. 🙂


  9. I could see all that in her face when I saw her for that brief time at Arjun and Pratibha’s wedding reception. Aishwaryam niranja mukham. And you say she went to Vaishno Davi temple AFTER her knee surgery?! :O That’s Wow!
    Wishing her a very happy birthday and many more to come!


  10. Shail, thank you, on her behalf too. What you’ve said, “Aishwaryam niranja mukham’, has been echoed so many times, by my friends and the kids’ friends too. 🙂
    Yes, last year in October she did it. Right. WOW. 🙂
    Have passed on all the wishes here, and she says thank you too 🙂


  11. Birthday wishes to your mother! Wish her all joys and good health. I loved the Thrimoorthi picture. They are all blessed with the same charming smile. How nice it is to have so many loved ones!
    My mother turns 74 on 30 May. Looking forward to meeting her in July. They tell me she is getting too weak these days. She is one who struggled and suffered a lot for her children. (Not sure it’s meet to mention this here.)


    • Thank you Bindu, and I’m really happy to be typing this in today, because today is her Malayalam Perannal 🙂 You know what I mean!
      Have passed on your good wishes… the Trimoorthi got together… in fact they are five sisters, four of whom were here today. They’re going to meet up all of them, tomorrow and spend time together. A better gift she could not have because this is after a long time that they’re at the same place same time 🙂
      Wishes to your mother too. Another week away, isn’t it!
      Thanks so much, once again!


  12. Wonderful to read.
    Like that picture of the Trimoorthi. All smiles.
    What I liked best is “And one she does not preach about, but lives, for us to see, know and if at all, emulate. No preaching.” The best way for the next generation to pick up.
    That simple cake with the word M written with a flourish defines her, and she has a matching smile (in the last picture)


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