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Marble in a Bottle

I’m that glass marble
You loved to play with
Kept me polished you did
And loved me true!

I took all those knocks
When you played
Fierce and focussed
With nary a thought
But the win!

Kicked in dirt,
Slammed, and shot
Still, the shine stayed on
Still, I played
Rather, you played me…

You soft caress
Almost unthinkingly teasing
A careless toss
Jingling and tingling
Oh! How I lived for it!

Till today, when, yet again
You played me.
I stayed true
But the shot was off
And a sliver was lost…
As was the game!

Still I stayed
Because you just
Couldn’t leave
Who knew, would another
Play me?

Scarred, am I?
Inviolate, I thought.
It would seem, so did you.

And so I’m kept safe
Rattling around
Looking on, yearning ever
Looking at you
Playing prettier ones…

Too bad, the bottle was made of glass.


7 May, 2013
Online. I meant to write something else. Funny how you never get to choose 😀
Pic. Courtesy, Google Image Search 🙂