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The things they said about her! The things they wanted to know about him! This was the most urgent requirement of the office staff. She was in her thirties; new, smart, interested in her job (horrors!) and willing to stay back the extra half hour or so, after office timings. Now that was what piqued their interest. After all, he too was new, just as interested. In who or what they wondered. But, of course!

Damned if they did, and more so, even if they did not. They were clued in pretty fast. The sudden silences, clichés though they were in the larger scheme of the developments, and the avid watching eyes. These were more than enough! So, as was expected, they became circumspect. They, of course, avoided been seen together, talking together and working together.

The keeness  of the staff soon lessened. A B grade masala movie was what they expected to unfold as they wrote the script. They got an Art Film instead. Ha!

She bade her time. As did he. The nine day wonder, it led to the tenth. A weekend around the corner.Now that the fuss was dying, they could escape to the nearby waterfront beach shack together. That they would have to invent yet again, a new excuse for their families was nothing new.

Mr Office Superintendent, holidaying in the self same beach with his family missed seeing them. What a scoop that would have been. So, they live. And others, they forget to live, even through them.

27 April, 2013
Absurd, but delusionally real for me 😀

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Hearsay

  1. The idea of escaping away..from others but with some one


  2. Powerful. Short, but very powerful 🙂


  3. As someone famously said
    coming together is the begining
    keeping together is progress
    working together is success
    but most of all
    fooling together is bliss. 🙂


  4. Others tried to live through them vicariously but were not allowed. Serves them right.


    • What intrigues is the way the written word is read is such a variety of ways, and in this case, with this ramble, it’s amazing to have comments on it that literally open up new avenues into it. Thank you so much, Vivek!That serves-them-right viewpoint is great! Thank you!


  5. //”A B grade masala movie was what they expected to unfold as they wrote the script. They got an Art Film instead.”//
    What a line! 🙂
    //”So, they live. And others, they forget to live, even through them.”//
    Isn’t that the problem, this forgetting to live?


  6. This stuck a chord. This is so real! 🙂

    for them to see and not see
    is what she wished and he
    and run together did they
    so they could be away, happily!

    come another day
    and they will have another plan
    for now, he and she
    look forward to “monday”, with elan!


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