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Intermission :)

Since my last post there has hardly been any activity in generating new posts here, as any, if any at all 😛, regular here will have made out. It’s not because I’m busy (though I AM :D), or the workplace (which is just as terrible, as always :D), but it’s what holds me up that is letting me down. LOL. (I like that new Levi’s advertisement, about the thread that holds it together 😀 – the previous sentence is entirely inspired by that!)

What holds most of us up(right) is of course, the vertebral column. Well mine has put paid to plans to hold steady for sometime now, and I need to sort it out. Therefore. Hence.

It’s time for the intermission, before the show goes on here. Fear not- in the most cliched way I’d like to tell you – picture abhi baaki hai!!!

Take care all of you, and keep well. Keep smiling too! Shall be back in a month’s time 🙂 God Bless!

29 October, 2012


For You, Parukutty :)

What is it, about this daughter
That makes this mother proud?
And happy and filled with quiet contentment?

It fills her too, with a motherly anxiety 😛
one that warms, rather than distrubs 😀

The girl talk
The secret sharing
The tale telling
The gyan bestowal 😀 😀

No, not just that.

It’s more. More.

The empathetic listening ear.
The generosity of a heart
that knows only to share.
The innocence of childlike fun 🙂
The enthralled enchantment in
simple pleasures of life.  🙂

That is her. My Parukutty.

And, as she celebrates her first birthday, today,  as my “kutty” (child 🙂 ), all I wish is that the Heavens keep her this lovely, always, this loving and always, but always, this lovable 🙂

14 October, 2012