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Homeward Bound


Chugging past a distant memory
Of childhood fun and frolic
Playing in puddles, formed of mischief
Hiding under big banana leaves
From prying eyes of grown-ups!

An aeon hence I find that metaphor again
In the splatter of rain on my window
The blurred vision the yellow sign
Beckoning as it used to
Unhesitant in the welcome, in the warmth
That comforts this aching heart.

They said, you can never go home again.
But each raindrop I’ve met, since I left
Had a different story to tell – no, stories…
Of that time, when rain was life,
Before Life came along, and rained responsibilities.

All it takes is this rain splattered window
And that blurred yellow sign
My heart, it sings,
Revels in rain – and I know
I’m home again!

Inspired, entirely by a poem of a picture (as Govind has put it 🙂 ) by Shail Mohan in the way she bent rules while receiving the Inspiring blogger award from  Sumana  (oops sorry Shail and Suranga and Sumana! ) 🙂

19 September, 2012
Online 🙂
(Picture courtesy, Shail Mohan )

Psst… another of Shail’s wonderful photographs found a Haiku here… 🙂 Or rather the Haiku came out of the photograph there… 🙂

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

13 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Loved the pics Shail shared and the words it inspired on this space..The heart aches upon reading this. A sweet ache this one. A yearning . To be the child who once was. Loved it. Both of you are such amazing writers. Your words do the dance you know.
    The happy madcap free spirit dance. One can join in or be left out. And every time I want to jump in. 🙂


    • Awww Meggie, that self same aching was what I felt when I saw that photograph of Shail’s… and it brought this write out 🙂
      Thank you dearest for the lovely warm loving words 🙂 Love that idea of the madcap free spirit dance. Count me in 🙂 *jumps in both hands in the air, squealing in joy*


  2. Takr me home to yhe place I belong
    North of india

    Ok I changed the lyrics to the song.. Lovely poem reminded me I am coming home..


  3. A quick note. It is Sumana ( http://kaapizone.blogspot.com ) who gave me the award 🙂
    In a hurry. Will come back to appreciate this properly. 🙂


    • Oops! Sorry for the error, Shail and Sumana 😦 Thanks Shail!!
      Have corrected it! Thanks for the pointer 🙂 And, take your time, no hurry 🙂


      • Back from my wanderings 🙂 Watched a lovely show on Solar Storms at the planetarium and just got back 🙂
        What a lovely lovely poem, Usha. Reminds me of the many journeys from wherever it was we were (where father worked) back to our ancestral home at Kollam. It also reminds me of the many train journeys of army days and the stations enroute that you saw and wondered about the stories it could tell. Oh that reminds me of just one such half-done story!
        I am so glad I posted the photo, or rather that it rained when I travelled to Kochi this time 🙂 Look at the wonderful result here! 🙂


        • Thank you Shail, for your gracious acceptance of this write that does no justice to the beauty and depth of your picture 🙂
          I’m glad it rained too, and that you love rain, and that you click such soul stirring pictures as well 🙂
          Manna for those seeking inspiration to woo words 🙂 🙂
          Thank you!


  4. This makes me really nostalgic. It’s more than a year since I got to see a drop of rain. Beautiful picture and apt words.


    • Thank you Bindu 🙂
      But… more than a year? Oh my! That is terrible. And here we take rain for granted, and sometimes curse it as well! Well… !
      Hope you do get to some rain, and as soon as you can, given your school schedules and things 🙂


  5. Wow.. I just love your rain poems.. The picture , it reminded me of the train journeys that I used to take from Kalamaseri to Thrissur in the passenger trains and seeing the yellow board of Karukutti station. I always thought that place was beautiful when it rained.. You might have just inpsired me to write my next rain poem..


  6. What a lovely picture, with an element of suspense (about the station)


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