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Disappointment has a rancid taste.
One you don’t expect;
One that will, each time,
Take you by surprise.

No matter that you anticipate,
Expect and avoid, simultaneously.
No matter that you know
It will somehow sneak in.

Contrary as it seems
There is a pattern.

Each time, the same.
The build-up to expectation.
The garnering of shreds
Of feeling, tangible and otherwise.
The neglect of  the knowing.
The  ignorance.

The pattern falling in place.

And you tell yourself.
I know. I knew!
I’ve learnt my lesson.


20 April, 2012

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

24 thoughts on “Lesson

  1. Beautiful expressions! Every disappointment comes with new lessons to be learnt; and yet we are sp unprepared for them. This is the irony of all human existence.


  2. I’ve learnt my lesson (so we think) Ha!
    “Contrary as it seems
    There is a pattern.”
    Though we like to believe there isn’t, there invariably is.
    Brilliant expression, Usha.


  3. Beautiful expressions. Every disappointment comes with a new lesson to learn; and yet we are so unprepared for them. This is the irony of all human existence.


  4. …and yes, there is a pattern!! and we so often don’t see it or see it and would like to believe we didn’t see it 😀

    and thereafter, like you rightly said, we do say we have learnt the lesson! alas!

    Wonderfully written! 🙂


  5. I know that ther is a lesson in every disappoinment,but I cannot figure out what that is,hence I fall on my face each time,stumbling on the same pebbles,and continue to rant,that im deeply disappointed that again,i feel disappointed,for the very same things that did (not) happen..sigh!!what was/is the lesson??!!


  6. Expecting AND avoiding? Don’t we all do it at times?


  7. Ah, the (dis) taste of disappointment! But then, what is life without due setbacks and associated lessons? Makes the successes so much more special. I like, Usha Di. 😀


  8. This was a poem about disappointment and yet it left me smiling! 🙂

    I think there is this weird satisfaction in secretly hoping for things, while you try your best to prepare yourself for the disappointment which your logical mind tells you to expect. We never really do learn not to hope.

    And that is probably the beauty and irony of it.


    • Aayushi, glad it did make you smile 🙂 Even through the irony! That is the way to live, accept things, smile and move on 🙂 Thank you too, for the delineation of your thoughts on this 🙂


  9. Why does it happen that we learn our lesson and still do the same ..


  10. lovely post Usha ji 🙂


  11. It always drops in without an appointment (that must be why it is called ‘dis-appointment’). Anyway I too have learnt my lesson. Great words, Usha! 🙂


  12. what a superb poetry Usha..oh i have had so many i knew it moments….i bit my tongue and will do it again.. damn
    marvelous poetry Usha 🙂


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