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Keeping Promises :)

When the last two posts this month, on this blog came to be, they were both spontaneous (only the posting part though), one of them automatically generated, in Statistics for the blog, and the other a long delayed acknowledgement of honours received. That is when I took a look at the sidebar and realized that both 1 and 8 January (when these were posted) were Sundays, and somewhere in the recesses of the consciousness, I heard a promise from a stray voice, I’ll make it a point to post on Sundays 🙂 I guess that would be one of my alter egos, who likes the order and logic and meticulousness of numbers, and periodicity. I just looked again, now,  and that alter-ego prodded. So I thought it would be ok, this once, to do something unbeknown to me, and that is keeping a promise to myself 😆 !!

Today, I find myself surprisingly staying close to more promises.  I’m not sure though, if I like it yet. It doesn’t feel right somehow 😛 !!!

I told myself I would not be weepy and sentimental and maudlin when it was time for a final hug and a smacking kiss for the second born as he takes off for the Gelf, after having him all to myself for the past three months. I wasn’t. Pakka Promise. If I were, would write this? Lol! You know, I’m actually patting myself on my back, for that :D. But don’t ask me how I’m going to get through the rest of today, when I pry myself away from here, and start knocking hollowly about the house. 😐

I told myself I’d get serious work done in school, and for a change I did! I’m wading through lessons I would have dawdled over, getting notes completed, and actually making kids feel better by not insisting on some things I’m a stickler for 😆 ! Like postponing a speech they have to give, giving them back their PT periods, which, in a fit of sheer exasperation I had threatened to make my own 😛 ! What the heck is happening to me, I’m wondering!

2012 is probably The End, else I might not be doing all this. 😀 Or maybe I matter to me? Or maybe, my guardian angel is actually prompting me and getting results. 😀 Whatever it be, I’m counting my blessings too, and am glad to have been blessed!

I also told myself I’d write shorter posts. Last count, it’s under 420 😀 Yayyy!

15 Juanuary, 2012


Loosing Apron Strings

Tiny chubby fingers uncurl
From older hands…

They move, wider, surer
They reach out, and grasp

That handful of opportunity
That beckons, tantalizingly

Always a measure beyond
Always seemingly unattainable.

And so, they move,
On belly, then on fours…

Raise themselves, at first tentative
But the steps get firmer, surer

Blindly stumbling, falling, rising
Walking, walking, suddenly racing…

All in no Time, while time stands still
They’re up, and running, gleefully,

Shouting, cheering, in wild abandon
Throwing the right number on the dice

That will take them a pace closer
To the rungs of the ladder on the board game of life

(And so you throw that number, except that it’s loaded 🙂
And I’m glad, for one, this game isn’t just one of chance.)

Oddly bereft, odder still, in relief… 🙂
I see the light, and though sad, I’m thankful:

The apron strings have loosened… 🙂

1045 hrs, 15 Jaunuary, 2012

Godspeed Ashwin! Keep flying high, and keep your cheerfulness up, ALWAYS! With all my love 🙂