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A Toast to the Peas :)

He’s handsome and  tall, and she’s pretty and  petite.

He sails uncharted waters, and is Her Captain :). She’s his muse, his siren, his darling mermaid, whose song he will always come home to 🙂 She’s the Captain’s Lady!

She’s magic with her words. He’s witty and sharp 🙂 Together their words create worlds!

They’re mirrored souls, pieces that complete the jigsaw of their souls. One soul 🙂 In moonkissed love 🙂

They make their vows today. To complete each other. To cherish. To be the best of themselves, for each other, for their own selves.

As they step forward, into a life, together, may they be hounded by blessings, may they be loved, loving, each NOW moment. And may rainbows charm away each storm that passes!

Dear Sashu and Arjun, May God Bless you two peas in a pod, always!

16 December, 2011
For 18 December, 2011

Pssst…  🙂 this was supposed to be a scheduled post, to appear at 1230hrs, at the muhurtham, when I was attending their wedding :D! I just got home to realize that it was saved as a draft and not a scheduled post! Sigh.

Loved being there, and meeting Harish R Varma, Arun (Unchecked Exception), Anu, Sachin and his lovely wife, Amarjit 🙂

18 December, 2108hrs, finally home 🙂