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I live that predicate
“I know I love
Subject, myself,
to that infinite verb(iage)
Unto the object

I wonder. Do you?
That I have not
Pr(o)epositioned or
Claused myself in
Limiting with a “till ever, always”?

Never needed it.
Conditionally, though,
Or otherwise.

That I can connect,
Without linkers, then,
Is enough.

The linguistics of life,
Subject me, and so it is
My predicament, it would seem
To be that
Adjective, that
Embellishes you.

To be,
To act,
To adorn
in interjections
Of a constant

Yes, I do love you.

13 November, 2011
(Aleph. That it is)

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

5 thoughts on “Predica(ted?)ment

  1. Love has its own meritsthat it has no limitsin the language that it admitsnor does it need any affidavitsor require you to reveal your deficitsas without any sound it visitsnot waiting for any permits.Beautiful as usual. Can you throw more light on Aleph?


  2. Govind, thank you. I never tire of admiring your verse for it apt rhyme, and the way it always expresses the muse way better than the ramble you post this on :)Aleph. This is Paulo Coelho's latest offering, wherein he describes what, to him, the Aleph is. It is many things, the first letter of the Arabic language, in others too. The point where everything, past, present and future meet; the place where one can transform, revert, find the matchless, singular soulmate, if time space persons come together… It… I was deeply moved by it,and an FB status update after I finished had the words “untainted and unapologetic”. Whimsical too. I must confess this write is entirely inspired by the book :)I wonder if, as usual, I am confounding or speaking sanely, but there it is. :)Thank you once again, Govind.


  3. Thanks Usha for taking time out to try and put some understanding on the subject. One more thing sanity is a prerogative of the listener(reader). The speaker (or for that matter the writer) need not appear to be sane. Do I make any sense? I need not, as a writer of this comment I can appear to be insane. A fit case for the asylum eh?


  4. You're welcome, Govind.A fit case is me too, so you'll have to get in line I'm afraid 🙂 But that is an interesting point you make there. I'd read somewhere about 'writers' intent' and 'readers' intent'. And it is something I keep telling the kids in class, that any literary piece is yours too, as a reader, and to not limit one's notions on it for it is as much a listener/reader who defines with his/her own set of experiences what to read into or out of it 🙂 Found a resonance there, too. Thank you!


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