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The words, when you began to speak
Were few, far between, and far fetched.
And fearing, there would be still fewer
I worried, brooded and talked endlessly
To you, at you, for you

Perhaps, I wonder, in hindsight
Were you waiting, till I had finished?
Most likely. I guess. No. I know.
When words came
After I had finally learned to stem the flow
My ears, and my heart filled
Brimming over were your utterances
And my pride.

The first step, so long,
The first word, as long
The rest, they followed,
Making no mistake the first ones did.
Oh boy! Oh boy! Did they not!

All through the years, till this day
I hold it close, I hold you close
Within, without. The pride in you
And all things yours…

A threshold awaits again,
A new road beckons,
Life places before you
New and beautiful destinies
More lovely yet, love unadorned

This day, I long for that tiny baby
In my arms, demanding and fretful
For whom I was the world 🙂 🙂
And yet again, this day, I love too
The handsome young man, smiling
At his demanding and fretful mom 🙂 🙂

My little one, let Joy and love,
Limitless and boundless
Fill each moment of your life,
May each thing you do be touched
With grace and benediction of the faith
You have, in yourself, and all of us
Who love you…

Happy Birthday, my dearest Ashwin…
Seize the day! Zindagi jo dobara nahin milegi 🙂

Written on 23 July, 2011
For the 3 rd of August, 2011
Inspired totally by ZNMD 😀 😀
Thanks for the pic, Malu… took it without prior permission 😀



Misty morning 
Mooring undone 
I drift. 
Wondering, wandering 
No pier in sight, and yet 
Breakers sound, in the distance 
As your call. 
Home. Harbour. A safe berth. I am born again.
2 August, 2011
Nonsensical yet… 🙂
Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search