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Trivia – Part I:)


It’s been an age, an absolute age, since I logged into wordpress to write something. And that is partly because the spring in the well of ideas had practically run dry, and I wasn’t doing a darned thing about it, and also because when there seemed to be an occasion where the flow could be started, I found myself shy of spending time for it! What a conundrum!

This weekend, having successfully initiated the process to doing a lot of things that I had kept aside for the summer vacation (Which, incidentally, got over on 31 May, 2010!!!), I decided to just do it! Write something. Anything. And share it. In the hope of a few readers. In the certain knowledge that I shall be happy for having done something about it. Every new post I see in my Google Reader, by all of you, make me read it, and mark it with the ever useful Read it Later arrow, and leave the commenting till later. Procrastination. Just that. And no excuses to offer. So today, here I am, hoping to make amends and at least read one post from the regulars, and lovely persons who have given me so much by leaving their words behind, on my space, and everyone on my blogroll. Yes, that is a daunting task, but one which is interestingly daunting! 😀 That will be a record for today! “Will be”, because the devil called Procrastication sits atop my monitor, openly daring me :P! I wonder if I will. Before I hit publish, I ought to. If nothing, the general surprise all around, at my visit to their spaces, after an aeon,  will sure bring back traffic here 😛 😛 😛 !!!!

No, the above mentioned (nonsense???) is not the trivia I’d like to share. This is titled Part I, so that whenver I am beleaguered by the dry spring of thoughts, I can always publish the next edition. 😆 !!!

Trivia #1: This is what has prompted me to share myself again. Yesterday, a few students came to me, with the news of an abandoned kitten wandering in the school playground. A month earlier, it was a litter of abandoned puppies (for whom sadly, nothing could be done 😦 ). This time, fortunately, one of the students, Meenu, who has a whole lot of cats at home, wanted to adopt it. So we got a box ready, some thermocol at the bottom, a sack, a towel, laid it in; then the girls went to the Hostel Mess for milk, which they brought filled in syringes (without the needle of course- it was how I had brought up my own cat, who I had found on the roadside, begging to be run over!!!)- these syringes were part of their Social Science project on First Aid, last year! Talk of optimum utilization of available resources. It was then placed below my table, away from prying hands and faces. Meenu came running to the Staff Room later in the afternoon, without forgetting to take her precious cargo back home, in her van. Crossing my fingers, now, and praying that it survives, and happily too, in its new home! Thanks a ton Meenu, and the others for your wonderful sensitivity to abandonment, and knowing what to do!

The Kitten looked a lot like her, Malu; my own precious infant 🙂 🙂 Only it was a mere fraction of even this size! Barely had opened its eyes!

Trivia #2: Well, I can hardly classify this as trivia. It’s more of a rant. Raving, stark raving mad I am, really. And mad, not really in the sense of insane. Though I shall be insane, soon, if it continues :D! As the world, in India, :D, is aware, Kapil Sibil, the Honorable Minister, HR, has since last year, been bringing about changes in the Education, (With a Capital Letter E) system, esp. w.r.t. CBSE; by way of Examination Reforms and CCE (Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation which can be read and examined in detail, HERE), effective from Oct. 2009, and ongoing, with modification being made along the way. We, in the spirit of the CCE, which is truly a wonderful way of assessment, have adopted it in our school. However, adopting it is one thing. Keeping the spirit of it all, an entirely different issue. Traditional thinking, esp. on the part of the Teaching Community has now become a bane. It always was I guess. Just that it gets harder with the new system. So, some of us, who truly believe it works, and who want to see it work, advocated some changes in the testing and examination; making it more learner friendly; only to have the same, the very very very darned same system of the pre-CCE days, scheduled for this academic year as well!!! We cannot dare to be different. We cannot open up to possibilities. We refuse to acknowledge that a learner can be stress free and yet LEARN! We can’t; as opposed to we WONT! We…. I am frustrated. I know we have lost a battle, but I do believe that the War is yet to be won! 😆 Small comfort, but I haven’t hung my guns yet!!!

Trivia #3: The Literary Club, at school, finally started functioning yesterday. First meeting. About 30 odd children from classes six to twelve. A nice group, who want, imagine WANT, to do literary stuff. That is the stuff dreams are made of.  😛 😛 😛 Am rather excited about it, so much so, that I only hope the over eager beaver me does not overdo it and spoil it for the Kids 🙂 🙂 Ideas, if any to share, are most welcome!!! And would you have suggestions as to a name we could give it? Just a thought!

Trivia #4: I am a member of the ELTeCS which is part of the British Council network, and they send us a newsletter every month. This month they shared the link of a site that lists the top 10 Language Teaching blogs, and I found this very interesting write up along with this video. The video is rather long, but eminently watchable, and engaging, not to mention very applicable. If only we were able to turn our thought processes around while we try and convince others… 🙂

Take a look:

Did I say trivia? And I have let it go to about 1000 words! Heavens Above!! Thank God I have not put myself out to actually write something I want to 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’d probably not have any readers at all!

3 July, 2010

4 pm

(To be published after I set the record :P!!!)

Still have to get a couple of blogs on the list, but I shall, later. (The devil called procrastination isn’t gloating anymore 😛 😛 :mrgreen: I am!!!)

5.15 pm!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

9 thoughts on “Trivia – Part I:)

  1. If this is trivia then my whole blog would classify under that. This is so much information, Usha. And I am yet to see the TED video…
    I wish I had teachers like you, teachers who are so committed and passionate about teaching that learning would never seem like a chore. I wish my kids would some time learn under you.
    I wish all success to your literary club.
    I have written about something which would interest you or rather I would like to know what you feel about it, please do read this:


    • Thanks Sindhu 🙂 Ah! I guess your kids will tell you all about me, if they had me as their teacher, and then you would not have those self same compliments then 😀 :D! I am told I am rather a terror, in school :D!! Most probably because most of them cant understand when I scold them in English 😛 or perhaps, they have to talk to me , and explain themselves… if the situation so demands 😀 😀
      Still, lovely to have you here. Thanks for making it, here. 🙂


  2. That was the most interesting trivia ever 🙂

    Your kitten is the cutest! It must have been such a relief that the poor little kitten got adopted. Am sure she will flourish in her new home.

    As for the education reforms, am sure all your efforts will bear fruit, if not today, tomorrow! And it gives me some hope when I read people like you. Am sure with teachers like you, things will work out. Learning can definitely be stress free. I see that in my daughter’s school here. She enjoys it so much. She does not even realize that she is being taught stuff -it is done so naturally.


    • Smitha, thank you 🙂 I certainly hope it will flourish. It would be a shame if it could not take to its new home.
      Education reforms have been on the anvil, and partly introduced at least four years ago. However, Indian Thought and Tradition have to still accept that a child can learn, without a test or examination. It’s the hardest thing to convince a teacher, and most often a parent, that it is the Learning which is important, not the testing. And assessment on learning can be done in several other ways, not just a test!!! Have been shouting myself hoarse on this. We could not convince some, who got their way. Still Part II, of the same will be played out, at least next year 😀 😀 Looking forward to that!! 😀
      Thanks again, for your kind words!


  3. Ushus, firstly its wonderful to be reading you again :). As always the post has been immensely inspiring and informative.

    Awww.that kitten is the sweetest.. those undakannukal are so mischievous :D. Kudos to your students, Ushus for being so thoughtful and sensitive. Its thanks to teachers like you who shape them up to become responsible and sensible. How I wish and hope Namnam is also blessed with teachers like you in her life.

    As for the educational reforms, you’re right..the traditional thinking has been so ingrained in us that any move away from it towards a better thinking is something we find hard to accept and apply. If children can taught in a fun and stress-free manner, then they are going to enjoy the whole process of learning so much more! I wonder why some of our teachers and guardians fail to understand that. But I’m sure if there are teachers like you who still havent given up hope, then the future of our children is in safe hands :).

    Its wonderful to know you’ve started a literary club in your school. Let me think of few names to suggest and get come back to this page. Off hand I can think of ‘Visionaries’ or ‘Young Minds’ 🙂

    BTW, I liked your idea of starting this series of trivia. I hope your thoughts never run dry, ‘cos be known that readers like me always look forward to reading your thoughts and getting inspired 🙂

    Hugs and Best wishes to you 🙂


    • Deeps, thank you! Even if it is Trivia, there you are, encouraging me on, and telling me what you think of it 🙂 🙂

      I know for sure there are several teachers who feel this way, and this why I hope too! The system will have to change, it cant not, perhaps all the reactions are just knee jerk reactions. And that is why I say the war is far from over :D!

      Will know how the kitten is doing, tomorrow when I get to school. Crossing my fingers that it is fine. At least itz out of the incessant rains, and in a warm home 🙂

      Thanks for the ideas for the lit. club too! I’ll take it to the kids and then see… 🙂 Keep them comin!


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  6. I will ask the same question… Just how do you manage to give so much effort to every thing! Just speaks about the activist that is inside you. Respect you more.

    Humbled, Soumya 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Activist? Ah! I rather like that!! Thanks again!


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