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A blade of grass
In the vast paddy field;
The vision within
I had of me.
One, just like tthe other-
Yet standing alone
No hope of grain
To weigh me down
The joyful burden of
Fruition, yet to be mine.

And yet, hope lingered
That I would meet worth
If not grain; why not?
A butterfly’s tinsel touch?
Or yet again, a gentle whiff
Of a moonlit breeze.
To tingle, tantalize
Bringing promise of that
I had yearned for!

And when you came,
In the guise of a little
Brown sparrow,
Looking, with your head
Cocked to one side
Quizzical gleam, through
The quiet knowledge reflected deep…

I knew, why I was made-
I knew, felt known, was touched
By your quiet simple knowledge
Why worry about whats and whys
I am me, the blade of grass
Like no other-
Meeting my destiny, the way I should
The way I would
When it unfolded.

Buoyed by a brisk breeze
I swayed, in thanks-
At the quaint brown sparrow…

12 April, 2010

Pic Courtesy – birdsofwestwood.com


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

12 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. Is there a reason why something should exist?some of things which we can never desistand a few of them that will never be missedGod surely has not surely written such a listeverything is important that's life in a gist.Very beautifully written Usha.


  2. Rakesh, thank you :)Balvinder Sir, thank you !Govind, 🙂 Humble thanks. Your verse makes so much more sense than mine could, ever 🙂 Indeed, everything is important. We just don't see it enough!


  3. As always very well composed Usha. You say such profound thoughts with so much ease, the words just seem to flow…I am me, the blade of grassLike no other-Meeting my destiny, the way I shouldThe way I wouldWhen it unfolded………..Very well said, these words shall stay with me for sometime.


  4. As always profound thoughts said with great ease…the words just seem to flow Usha…I am me, the blade of grassLike no other-Meeting my destiny, the way I shouldThe way I wouldWhen it unfolded.Beautifully expressed.


  5. Poonam thank you so much 🙂 Your words always mean a lot to me 🙂


  6. Nice one. I would love to read a further version of this blade of grass. Its thoughts when it meets the sickle. Of course, metaphorically.


  7. Trinath, now you have a point there. But then, again, that blade of grass has quite figured that out as well, I guess, in that acceptance… of whys and whats and wherefores… :)However, you give me a direction to ponder 🙂 Who knows, maybe that blade of grass shall call again :)Thank you for your perspective, it always enriches my rambles 🙂


  8. Thought provoking and inspiring. I don't know if I understood the poem in entirety, but I am happy with the feeling this left behind:)


  9. Why worry about whats and whys……. so true.By the way the common sparrow is not any more common.


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