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For My Little One :)


Disclaimer : All the research for this post is certainly non emperical, and based purely on personal observation and bias. Lol. Given that, please go on and read at your own risk. There is a sort of guarantee that you might fall asleep half way (being a rather looong ramble) so please have a cushion ready at the keyboard, where you are likely to topple as you gently fall forward, eyes glazed over. Now that is out of the way, do please continue 🙂

Tag time again, and this one is a special one, for a special person, on a special occasion. The second born of course, after the first one got his place in the virtual sun, here and here 🙂 IHM [again :)] had tagged me on how different the second born has been, and has he wiped the smugness off his parents’ faces 😛! Going back to her post, to revise and review, I came across my comment, part of which I’d like to quote, as a sort of introduction, to me too, a second born, the middle one of three, the ham of the sandwich, as I am so fond of saying!

Aeons ago I had this to write on IHM’s post:

Now that I know, and have been tagged :D , this is going to be interesting! I am a second born, and I am going to write about how my second born is so very much like me :D :D ! A stirrer and shake-up-er! Certainly wiped the smug proud parent look off the parents’ faces :P !

I know that IHM, Shail, recently, and others, Indygurl and Solilo have all done one or other version of the tag, both before and after IHM’s post, and each of them have been beautifully done. Being a second born myself, I have felt the heat, felt different, and weird, and all that jazz, and have often wondered, of late, if the little one too perhaps did. Now I don’t. I know  😀 !

They say first born are…

  • way more angelic… ??? 😀
  • way more responsible 🙂
  • seem to mature faster (they ought to, don’t you think, seeing that they need to make space for the second one in line :P)
  • more accomodating, adaptive..??
  • can be easier to engage, in activities…
  • perhaps better readers, too

These I have garnered from snippets shared on different posts with the same thread.

Going by my own history and what I see being made of my offspring (Gosh! what a thought!) I think these are the observations that I deem noteworthy 🙂

  • First borns are indeed angelic ( go on and gloat, all you FBs..Lol!), though naughtier 😛
  • They’re very friendly and engaging
  • Very easy to care for
  • Not in the least fussy, which however, these days (at home, with my FB) is getting me rather impatient! I do wish my big ‘un would at least change clothes, freshen up when he needs to go out, even if it is with me or his friends :D!
  • They’re voracious readers. He can wade his way through a tome quicker than you can snap his fingers 🙂 I think that has to do with the fact that he had so many story tellers as a child. He was the first grandchild for all his grandparents, and the first baby in the house, for his aunts and uncles too 🙂
  • He’s mature and responsible, yes, but forgetful too 🙂

That is the big ‘un. But then this is about the second born, who has been biding his time; and all that while after the April 12 write for the elder one, I have been waiting to do this for the little one. Though there is this verse, of sorts, intended purely for him, you know one needs to balance well, esp with the kids :)!

So, from Kunju, the elder, and me, this is for you Kunjunni, my little one 🙂

Being a second born myself, I find ever so many commonalities in temperament and thought, that it is sometimes amazing. (At the same time I now sympathize and empathize with my own mother :P)And perhaps because of that we mirror so much of each others’ thoughts, and therefore end up having these absolutely grand arguments and fights, dramatically reacting and over reacting, silent sulks and verbal wars. Not to forget, of course, the fantastic wavelength we are on most times, speaking out each others’ thoughts Too!!

Where do I begin to tell you of him?

An angelic baby (who should have been a daughter, I have said ever so often!) he soon proved to be  truly angelic, determined and single minded when it came to routine, people and activities.

It had been so easy to handle the elder one. He’d go along with anyone and everyone… grandparents, aunts, cousins, neighbours 🙂 and could be kept so easily entertained. Well behaved too, if you dont take into account his fondness for throwing onions and potatoes, and on occasion, the heavy iron out of my parents’ 4th floor apt. in Mumbai :D! Stories fascinated him, and still do 🙂

But, the little one? Oh no Siree! Only his Amma for him, thank you. Everyone else was to keep safe distance, and not even THINK of looking at him, let alone TALK. The very thought! Dear God! His lower lip would jut out, curl downwards, and he’d being with a small wail that grew in volume and intensity! To gloss over… travelling with both of them, on my own, which I had to do often, was no cakewalk :D! Exhausting? Way beyond all that!

It took all of four years for him to permit others to befriend him; till then no other than his immediate family, parents and brother, and maternal grandma were allowed into his hallowed space.

The same little one has a circle of friends too many to count, and all of them from a variety of classes and colleges, and places 🙂

Perhaps, because, with the passing of time, he grew with a charm that seemed to knock people off their perch, while he maintained his space 🙂 I have never figured out how he managed to do that 🙂

He has been a quiet Lion. (Ok he is a Leo too :)) not the loud, and roaring variety; in his pre teens. All of which changed when he finished his Std X. The cub transformed then. Quietly there assumed a young lion whose leadership skills were as astonishing, as they were competent. Other colleagues at my school (where both of them studied, poor things :D) began to wonder at the “smiling baby” who seemed, all of a sudden to have grown up!

Do second borns transform suddenly? I’ve wondered. Growing up in the shadow of a more accomplished sibling (the elder one was a prefect and all that… :)), when they find the sun peeking out at them , after the shadow shifts, do they then bloom?

It seems to have been somewhat similar in my case.  With an extra intelligent, talented, athletic elder brother, who always topped his class, played in the U-19 state cricket team, who was Captain of the NDA cricket team later, it was hard to live up to expectations, though none were voiced 🙂 Once he moved out of home, I guess I changed a lot 🙂 First off, I changed courses at college without my parents knowing. From BSc to BA, later informed my folks, who accepted quite gracefully :D! And then got into every possible activity in school, and freaked out. Literally.

But back to my little one 🙂

Once he began his engineering studies, the change became more pronounced. He came across as more confident, the diffidence of his early years having quite been obliterated 🙂 Right up until yesterday, at the close of day, a succesful day of competitions at their inter branch internal competitions at college, he received so many messages of congratulations on his leadership and for his co ordination.

I wonder again. Do the second borns suddenly change with time, and …. I think so. 🙂 🙂 I did. Mine did.

Second borns… yes

  • They have a mind of their own, and are rather unlikely to change it for anything 🙂
  • They experiment more… avidly; and daringly – hair colours, peircing ears, testing the limits of a parent’s patience 🙂
  • I think they are more creative??
  • Are more emotionally insecure, most times?
  • Seem to always feel the need to prove themselves… 🙂

And this young Lion of mine, I always tell him he is a class apart. He swells with pride. Either way, positive or negative that “class apart” may be, he’s happy not belonging to the herd 😛

He jumps in with both feet, into anything and everything

He also puts both feet in where they should not be, his mouth, a lot 😀 😀 :D!

And then the “sorry” game begins… more to soothe, than to repent 😀

And finally his classic line… all his, though he did appropriate it from “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum”

Parampara, Mom, Parampara

takes the cake!

Lol. It would seem that the kid has suddenly discovered his heritage, which he discovered similarities with the other second born at home. His mother 🙂

And why, you wonder, am I telling you all this today? This lion, hot on the heels of another young Lioness is celebrating his birthday on 3 August.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kunjunni 🙂

Mr President you rock! (ref. to earlier post, to know why President..Lol!)

With fond wishes, and all our Love

The First Amma

The First Brother

The First Dogs – Chinnu, Kuttan, Appu and Paru


The First Cat – Malu


May you be blessed abundantly. Always.

You certainly are your favourite thought personified.

Leadership is about Action, not Position


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

42 thoughts on “For My Little One :)

  1. What a birthday gift to your second born!!!! Many Happy returns to Kunjunni 🙂 Loved every line here, and agreed with everything!! It is true that middle born Leo’s change suddenly… my Leo sister grew up and became more responsible … she is a lot like you described! And my son is a lot like your kunjunni too!!
    Amazing this post has been… You have made some keen observations… I could just keep nodding!

    IHM, you are Grace Personified 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 For the wishes, for the nodding :), for all those thoughts you share, finding resonance in this write 🙂 It had been a delight, writing this one, and it was rather a close call, getting to the deadline of midnight, and that too without him knowing 🙂 We woke him up at just after 12, cut his cake, since the elder one had to be off soon, to get to Kochi before the dawn, to report at the base 🙂 Was one of the fun fun birthday’s he’s had. Have sent him the link… being the Leo he is, I know he will visit 🙂 And when he does… 🙂 cross my fingers, I hope he will purr 🙂 🙂

    Thanks again, IHM, I do not think a more perfect way to wish him could have been given to me 🙂


  2. Back after another reading… I agree that second borns are more insecure and also (hence) they want only Mamma!! I had to carry him all over the place on my hip even when he had a runny nose ! Oh yes he was very exhausting, though now he is an easy patient to care for, in fact he ignored minor (?) sprains and pains, I would have never imagined this when he as young!

    Ah! You too? I remember I could have a bath only when he was sleeping, but as you say, as he grew older, though I would worry more when he fell ill, it got to be relatively easier:) Thank you for reading it again :)Made this day wonderful, entirely… 🙂


  3. I am a second born and am insecure, more creative and willing to take chances…I think my sister was born grown up…She wanted to do things but didn’t have the guts to go against my parents’ wishes…I on the other took chances and got into trouble at times…

    Nice post, Usha…

    Saraboney, same here 🙂 Got into much much more trouble than the other two put together 🙂 Glad that the research and the observations are more or less on target 🙂
    Thank you, as ever for the sharing 🙂


  4. “First borns are indeed angelic.”

    *Solilo looking for her halo* 😆 😆
    Ha ha ha… I knew you would be the first to don that halo, which, incidentally, you seem to carry around with you :D! 😆

    Second borns are Mamma’s pet because in most nuclear families first borns becomes father’s responsibility when the younger one arrives. Hai na?

    That too, that too… 🙂

    My mom says that the first kid is born grown up and sometimes she feels sad thinking how she treated me (still) as the responsible one after the younger one arrived. But it is not her fault. I was a born grandma. I call everyone beta, mole, kiddo… 😆 😆

    As I have said to Deeps too, this is something I feel sometimes when I think of whether Kunju, the first born got responsible too early 🙂 He assures me it is not that way, yet, still… 🙂 I wonder!

    You have made some wonderful observations, Ushus. You back with a bang. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie mon, Kunjunni.

    Kunjunniyodu parayaam 🙂 And I hope he will get here, by and by 🙂 Thanks Solilo, so very much, it is a delightful feeling to be back, in whatever small way I have 🙂


    • Yayyy! Got your stunning picture here, finally 🙂


      • *Solilo adjusting her halo and blushin at Ushus’s second comment. *

        First borns always feel a sense of responsibility. I remember when I flew to US all alone, my mom was cool. I mean she cried but confident of her little girl flying so far all alone. But when my brother years later flew around same age, she told me she was worried and said I always am confident about you…you are my smart one, he is the baby. I was laughing and wen I told my brother. He was embarrassed thinking how mom could worry about boy but confident about girl. 😀 My mom is my cutie pie.

        Ushus, you are a cool mom.

        Your son’s parampara comment. Ha…ha…ha..ha.. Brother and I are like that too. For longest time I used to irritate (Pssst…I still do) my Dad with the word ‘somnambulism’.

        I used to ask what is this somnambulism going on?

        Can I get some food and somnambulism?

        Somnambulism is for the people, by the people, of the people.

        😆 😆 And my brother used to say ‘Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap hote hain…naam hai..his name’.

        Aaah! those were the days.


        • Ushus, wait till our Abhi doll hops over here. She will also look for her halo. Another first born.

          Right, Sol.. 🙂 Can’t wait for her to come too, and stand next to you adjusting her halo as well 🙂 🙂

          Hope her computer gets ok reaalllll sooon.

          Lol@ somnabulism…
          And the Shahenshah dialogue!

          The elder one goes on about it being in his genes, and then we do a cheesy take off on that :P!!!

          *Sigh… such fun na?


        • Searching frantically for my halo 😀
          here I am! 😀
          Ushus comp is all fine now.. it wa yesterday too which is when I peeked in and read the owrds on both the spaces..
          ah! now to start on the first born and all the angelic qualities they ahve been blessed with 😀

          second born?
          err yes yes! we will discuss that too ..right after we are done discussing the traits of the first born 😀 and that my dear friends will take quite a while..you see we.. err I mean they the first borns are no ordinary mortals 😀 no sir…

          *Ushus drags away Indy girl/Meggie*
          (Indulge me Ushus for, its been ages since I saw you here on these pages and you are the only one who calls me so) ((hugs)))
          love you 🙂
          more to come..I am just getting started :mrgreen:

          Hahahaha! What a joy it is to see you here, Indygurl! And for that I’ll give it to you, for all the angelic traits of the First Born! I had forgotten to add that they are the best preeners too. :lol:!!!!!!


  5. First of all ((((((HUGS)))))!Sooo happy to see you in the blogosphere,Ushus!Have missed you a lot! Hope to see you around more often 🙂

    That was so beautifully written,Ushus! All the attributes that you mentioned about your Kunjunni(thats wht I call my Namnam too,u knw..love the name) reminded me of my brother,a second born himself!

    He was an angelic baby(he used to look like a doll whenver ma donned him in my frock or skirt!)
    He was a ‘mama’s baby’ to the core…still is!
    He was always emotionally insecure…
    Always felt the need to prove himself..

    But u know,Ushus,as a first born,I had my own emotional insecruties!I was an only child,the first grandchild to both my maternal& paternal grandparents for the first 5years,hence very pampered.And then after the advent of my kidbro,it changed and made me insecure.Although with time I got over it and grew to love my brother and pamper him instead.Today when I see him trying to make a mark of his own,standing on his own feet,managing all alone in a different city away from our parents,I feel so proud of him.

    So yes,second borns are special.

    On that note a Very Happy B’day to Kunjunni 🙂
    May God bless him always 🙂

    Deeps, I am really amazed at the coincidences that keep showing in the sharing from you, Saraboney, IHM, and it therefore makes me glad that the observations do seem to be in place 🙂 It is funnier still sometimes, out here, as both the mom and the son are second borns :P! The insecurities I guess yes, it does get to the first borns too, especially when they have been ruling the roost so to speak till the next one grabs space 🙂 As Solilo observes too, that maturing and the responsible feeling dawning earlier, does make the parents take a guilt trip too. I know I do that 🙂 🙂 Especially when I keep cautioning the first born on how to handle the second 🙂 He being the generous first born, always takes it in his stride 🙂 Paavam 🙂

    So you call Namnam Kunjunni too, do you? 🙂 🙂 Lovely! ((Hugs)) to her too! And welcome to your new space on WordPress – belated though I am in wishing you:)

    Thanks Deeps, and yes it does feel good to be back:) Missed you all, and being here, a lot. Hopefully this sojourn will be longer 🙂


    • Thank you for the welcoming note,Ushus.Means a lot :). I call Namnam kunjunni,molutty,ponnutti,jaanutty…you know how creative moms can get when addressing their li’l ones,na?? 😀 !!

      Lol. Deeps the same here… it started with Chotu, and went on to a variety of omanaperu s 🙂 True moms, and sometimes dads too can be really creative with the names!


  6. Hey Usha .. this is my first comment in ur space! Been reading u for sometime now n was waiting for u to be back 🙂 Glad to c u back and what a post this was!

    A very happy bday to Kunjunni and to his lovely Mom too 🙂
    May all his wishes come true now n forever 🙂

    Swaram, thank you for being here, first of all 🙂 And for all those good words, and the thoughtful wishes for the little six footer 🙂 , his mother! Thanks so much!


  7. ehemm.. lets.. to start me chweetie lill bro.. Happy birthday.. though i must confess kunjunni nvr suited him much ( dont u agree mom.. chotu was so much more bttr ) Bot puh leeezz mine was loads better 😛 ( this 1’s fr him) And first borns mature faster.. assume mantle of responsibilities faster… I could go upto the international court of justice on this 1. I mean cummon whod say im more matured than him.. even though the only thing hez better than me is at driving 😛 😛 😛 😛 ( i give that 1 to him.. ) Arrgg… its official now. And mayb at managing money.. id stil say mayb.. let c wen he starts earning.. il giv m final verdict then. But he dosnt exactly blive in m philosophy of money come and goes ….. after all fneham is all that matters rite.

    me: 😆 😆 😆 fneham aanallo felidhu… I overlooked this one though I laughed so much when I read it :D! I still have that msg of yours. 😛 Yeah you are right about the money part, he’s way better than either of us I think 😛 😛

    And of course kudos to you for such a fine and exilerating post… appeasement policy is working out jus fine.. and plz do xcuse the spellings.. this dosn count as an official document.. so i can put any scrawny spelling i want to here… whoa.. i almost forgot.. and u also forgot to mention.. he’s marriage material now..at least officially.. hw cud u hav misd that.. ( a couple of well placed one’s wudnt hav hurt u no) So another pisharody has made an entry.. So happy birthday again to the ELIGIBLE BACHELOR ( soory mom.. i jus cant help it 😛 ) Signing off.. khuda aafis..

    Lol.. Kunju.. that is going to be one comment I cannot live down 🙂 I thought of pruning it, prudently, then thought what the heck… I’m going to put it on air, just as it is 🙂 The unvarnished detailing by the elder one 🙂

    Thanks sweeets, so very much for your inputs.. Meet you at the International Court of Justice.. whenever you get time to file the case that is 🙂 I dont forsee that in a long long time to come 😛 :P! And yes, thanks for reminding me about the Eligible Bachelor badge he can now wear 😛 Now taht is two of you on the marraige market, right?? Hyuck Hyuck.. [I’m neighing by the way, ironically 😀 😀 :D!!!]

    Well …Chotu? you know he prefers that to be somewhat private [look what you have made me do! Divulging private family stuff 😛 :P] But I do rather like the Kunjunni…. esp. since it goes so well with your Kunju 🙂

    Lol @ appeasement policy 🙂 I was on to that after the post about you… heheheh :P! And he still hasn’t got here… I prob will get a earful when he finally does 🙂 🙂

    I absolutely loved your take on the post, Motu 🙂 Suits you well, that name.. now 🙂 And it rhymes with Chotu too 🙂 Khuda Haafiz for now… 🙂 T C and God Bless!


    • Ha..ha…ha.. your sons are a riot, Ushus. You must be the coolest mom ever.


      • So, says the little one, do others, his friends say 😀 😀 😀

        Thanksssss 🙂 Feels good to hear that, from another mom 🙂

        Can I borrow that halo for a bit???

        Lol 😆


        • How about we order a big halo and you, Indy girl and I can stand under it together? 😆

          :lol:.. great idea! But where’s our Indygurl?? I think you will have to customize that halo, and ensure that it fits :P!
          🙂 🙂


        • I am here ! I am here!
          *Indy arrives all out of breath* 😀 😀

          Darling Ushus I read this post and the other one too 🙂 (ah! the emotions I went through after reading that one? I am still trying to find words and for now will let that be enough for, I have so much to say there and you and you alone would know of the hopping from toe to toe I must be doing right about now… 😀 eager to be off and read to my heart’s content and write there but also torn between reading this..(ah! the angelic firstborn traits! 😀 who wouldnt wnat to read them? ) :mrgreen:) and and writing all that I want to here 😀

          also I read your words yesterday itself..I searched for your blog on goggle 😀
          Ushus/wordpress/Overdrive? that was me searching for you since I wasnt able to log in 😀

          ah! now on to the important matter 😀
          yes Yes Solilo is right Ushus. yes..please put our halo just so 😀 yes just there! a bit to the left please..
          yes perfect! 😀

          The trio of angels grinning away 😀


      • I miss you and Sols so much Ushus. The madcap trio:)


    • I agree with Solilo Ushus! 😀 your sons are a laugh riot and their mom has to be the coolest mom around!

      Also Happy Birthday to him, your precious second born:)
      And may he get here soon to read all that his mom and bro have err… shared 😀

      Thanks, Abhi, for the wishes and for finally getting under that specially customized halo 🙂 Now it is picture perfect!!! The second born has read it, and is darned happy, and there maybe he will get here sometime to actually put his words here as well 🙂 🙂 I’ve received a huge thank you, and have been asked to convey his thanks to all of you 🙂


  8. Great dedication! Its again so good to see you writing again after so many days. I sure hope with such ‘parampara’ Ashwin is bound to succeed in all the spheres. Best for him 🙂

    God bless.

    Thank you Soumya 🙂 Lol @ the parampara part 🙂 Thanks for the wishes and the blessings too!


  9. Happy Birthday to Kunjunni/ little one/ Chotu. Incidentally our second born was also chotu until we found a name for him – Chaitanya. I enjoyed your post and the comments, specially the one by Arjun. God bless.

    Thanks JP Sir. We were in Delhi, when he was an infant, so somehow it just came to be Chotu, quite naturally 🙂 Among all of his other names too! Thank you for the wishes also


  10. I am a first born… so I am taking whatever you praised on a first born 😆
    Go on Kanagu 🙂 Solilo already has started 🙂
    I am now wondering whether all the 2nd born in this world are alike… same applies to my bro… a kid with lot of troubles till 12th and now shines in engineering… he never backs away from challenges and will give a tit for toe anyday… I can never think of me like that… anyway I am now know the reason… its in built in first born.. 😆

    That is another surprise! More and more readers finding resonance here. I thought initially that it prob applied to my second born. You know here too, the little one, is sometimes so aggressive too 🙂 As you say never backs away from challenges, and enjoys the tit for tat sessions. And of course, what they say in Malayalam as KALIPPU. OG would know 🙂 Lord, he specializes in it I think :lol:!

    happy birthday to kunjunni.. 🙂 and LOL @ his prampara comment and disclaimer 😆 you know I am glued to this post from start to stop… its interesting and I enjoyed a lot 🙂

    Thanks Kanagu for the wishes and liking the post, esp the disclaimer 🙂


  11. Mother,brother and Kunjunni
    make a cheery little family.
    Chummy, zesty,crazy(?) and bubbly
    to easily become everyone’s envy.

    Convey this belated birthday wishes to Kunjunnni.
    May he have everyhting he wishes for and more. with love Govind.

    Govind, your comments are truly special
    They’re crafted deftly
    Appropriately 🙂
    To read and enjoy-Heavenly!
    And convey sense, fully 🙂

    Thanks a ton, Govind! for the wishes and blessings 🙂 and the verse, and the beautiful warm thoughts 🙂


  12. Ushus? before I write any further ..yes! yes! and yes! nodding my head ( and how!) 😀 for all the first born traits 😀

    😆 😆 😆 Missed you so so so very much, Indygurl!!!!


    • ah! Ushus yes for all the second born traits too 🙂
      There is so much to share 🙂
      this is my brother to a T. The middle one. The ‘ham in the sandwich’ as you call it 🙂

      much to share Ushus. A lot infact. You would know. The eccentricities so to speak as also the vulnerability. The little kid and the responsible adult. All of it in him 🙂

      I do know, Indygurl! You have written of him in your post too, lovingly, I must add, with the touch of concern that the FBs always carry around them, I think 🙂 Very parental , almost 🙂 Yes to the eccentricities, [I have it on record, I think, under the about me, and the tag line on the header, lol!], the vulnerability, no matter others take one’s outward confidence for granted 🙂
      Glad my observations do seem to have a bit of emperical value, lol! I guess this is how great researches stumble upon generalizations?? *The halo is in place, isn’t it? Just checking, poor-vulnerable-second-born-me-who-is-discovering-stuff*
      :mrgreen: 😆 😆 😆
      Thanks a ton, Indygurl, you have haunted this space since this post and the earlier one on motherhood have appeared, in thought, and in reality from about 1 30 this morning, to about 3 35 😀 :D! Utterly happy now 🙂 🙂


  13. I am late yet again…I should be branded a s the eternal latecommer! But U will understand, hopefully…
    I agree…I have done something of this sort for both of mine too…
    The elder ones are angelic, (I am the elder one too)…
    They are more responsible, they are our anchors really..(thats what amma says about me too)
    But the younger second ones are the ones who put everything under perspective…we see things more clear after they come…they make us laugh more in life, see the other side of everything that happens, love the world for what it is and just chill…
    Here is an old aunty’s wishes for ur kunjunni…he is indeed blessed (touch wood or my head) to have u!

    Thanks Sindhu 🙂 Late is my second name 🙂 Late to reply s well… 🙂


  14. They’re voracious readers. He can wade his way through a tome quicker than you can snap his fingers I think that has to do with the fact that he had so many story tellers as a child. He was the first grandchild for all his grandparents, and the first baby in the house, for his aunts and uncles too
    He’s mature and responsible, yes, but forgetful too
    that would be me too Ushus:)
    many storytellers?yes that too 🙂

    but on to the second borns now 🙂

    First off, I changed courses at college without my parents knowing. From BSc to BA, later informed my folks, who accepted quite gracefully ! And then got into every possible activity in school, and freaked out. Literally.
    and am i glad that you did! 😀 OR else one might ahve never come across these words that flow from your quill in just that manner 🙂
    or maybe we would have? 😀
    A scientist/engineer/doctor penning lines that makes one gape in astonishment?
    yes 🙂 I can quite imagine that too 🙂

    Do second borns transform suddenly? I’ve wondered. Growing up in the shadow of a more accomplished sibling (the elder one was a prefect and all that… ), when they find the sun peeking out at them , after the shadow shifts, do they then bloom?

    yes they do Ushus..magically it seems:)
    I have seen it happen with my brotehr..of how utterly delighted he was once has found his own place in the sun..
    no one peering over his shoulder.. noone hovering just so..

    the burden of expectations? said and unsaid? you have read about them already:)
    he always tried to rebel..in his own way..
    the way you write here of you:) the one who was a quiet rebel:)

    just went ahead and did his thing and the world could go take a hike! 🙂

    But, the little one? Oh no Siree! Only his Amma for him, thank you. Everyone else was to keep safe distance, and not even THINK of looking at him, let alone TALK. The very thought! Dear God! His lower lip would jut out, curl downwards, and he’d being with a small wail that grew in volume and intensity! To gloss over… travelling with both of them, on my own, which I had to do often, was no cakewalk ! Exhausting? Way beyond all that!

    oh! the picture that came to mind of your kunjunni as a samll baby 😀
    what a darling child 😀 awwww…

    how did you know Ushus?that it was just like this for MB too? 🙂
    this closeness with ma..a bond that he doesnt share with anyone else..nor does she..

    the utter faith that he has even now that ethe whole world can turn its back on him but not ma..

    its a beautiful bond they have…

    and yes MB is a leo too like your Kunjunni 🙂

    They have a mind of their own, and are rather unlikely to change it for anything
    They experiment more… avidly; and daringly – hair colours, peircing ears, testing the limits of a parent’s patience
    I think they are more creative??
    Are more emotionally insecure, most times?
    Seem to always feel the need to prove themselves…

    yes Ushus..yes to all of the above and then some..

    He is this baffling mix of a little kid and a confident grownup..the guy in uniform who can tackle anyone in life and also the one who needs reassurance and the warmth of home when you least expect him to..

    LOL!! parampara mom parampara? 😆
    and in that I think he takes after you O’ Leo queen 😀

    and I also love the list of all those who love him and have wished him:)

    Leadership is about Action, not Position
    ah! I love this too now:)

    PS:- Ushus the link to tehre is this verse doesnt seem to be working..

    PPS:- Ushus I just read the lines about your precious sunchild:)
    do you remember the mail I had sent after I had been unable to comment?:)


  15. Hello Ms. Morning! Have a great day. 😀


  16. That was such a wonderful post! So sorry I am very very very late.. Am hardly being able to keep up with my reading 😦

    That was so touching!

    First of all – a very very belated birthday wish for your Kunjunni 🙂 That name is so cute 🙂 I call Poohi – Kunju – derived from Kunju mani that my mom started calling her 🙂 Now she calls herself Kunju too 🙂

    ‘First borns are indeed angelic’ – Yes! Yes! I’m off to gloat to my brother 🙂

    Your observations are so apt. I can make out so many characteristics in my brother.. The need to prove himself, being more insecure and the creativity.. and driving parents up the wall 🙂 I was more comfortable in my skin, I think.. maybe because I did not have to live up to expectations that was based on the first born’s performance..

    Loved the post. So sad to be so late here 😦 And yes, your FB’s comment is hilarious 🙂


  17. Hi, that was interesting reading. My second born is a leo too, just celebrated her b’day. It’s wonderful how the lil leos just take charge of the playground and whats more surprising is how the other children let them 🙂

    Thank you for dropping by Dreamer 🙂 Yes, the leos are a lot like that!


  18. Hopped by to wish you Happy Onam.
    Onam Aashamsakal to you and your family,Ushus 🙂

    Wishes to you too… almost 6 mnths later 🙂 🙂


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