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Right Here, Right Now! Wherefore… ?


In the course of an attitude training session the staff of our school attended, we were asked,

“When is the best time?”

Answers flew around, after the initial hesitation. Childhood, to teenage, to babies, to being an adult, being a parent, sleeping, eating, entertaining oneself, solitude….

The answer, when given by the Resource Person, Mr. C K Suresh of ATMA, was so clear:

Right Now!

So to the next question:
“Where is the best place?”
This was more easy to answer…

Right Here!

No, this post is not about either 🙂 But this is the music, that plays, in the background of this fantastic, eyeopener of a video, given below (sent to me via a link in an email from Dad 🙂 He’s getting around for sure! For someone who learned how to use a computer about 8 years ago, at the youthful age of 70, this is marvellous, don’t you think?? :)).

If you have 4 minutes and 55 seconds worth of time, I would recommend it highly to you. And if you have a few more minutes, perhaps you could answer the last question at the end of the video?

“What does it all mean?”

The comments section of the link given, of this video at the youtube webpage has several interesting comments too. Perhaps, if inclination permits, you could visit the page below. But do watch the video. Given the interesting content, I am sure that many of you would already have seen it. Perhaps you may enjoy seeing it again?

It’s called:

Did you know?


11 March, 2009

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

17 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now! Wherefore… ?

  1. Brilliant video…. 🙂
    Thanks for posting it….


  2. Aren’t you glad we are not yet completely westernized?



  3. wow!Thanks for sharing this Usha, I had not seen it before.
    and the stats in the video and the information was amazing!

    but I found the fact that your dad has learnt how to use the comp at the age of 70 the most amazing of all!Kudos to him:)
    May we all be as youthful as your dad at 70 and beyond:)

    and completely right here,right now is the mantra!:)

    I think as a human being ,one who lives on Earth as part of this human race ,one which has given explorers ,inventors,discoveres,thinkers..we should surge ahead with confidence and a purpose to it all..

    Technology will always be ahead of us..for,that is its specialty:)It is we who have to figure out how we want to use it or whether we want to embrace it and if yes then to what extent?:)

    Though I am a bit apprehensive of such fast changes in technology..:D..all this hurry and the sheer pace makes me hyperventilate:D

    PS:-I am not able to listen to the music/audio..temp probs with my comp 😦


  4. waah…been missing your blog for quite sometime..
    and even I was out of action during the past week..
    u know what, I dint know any of the facts mentioned in the video..
    I feel that the world is now running faster than ever and we are being bombarded with more information and more technology than we can ever manage to handle in our lifetime…but in the end, its all for good:D


  5. Did you know? I actually didn’t know nearly all of the information that was given out…..but can now appreciate where we are headed…. into obsolescense if we donot keep learning new skills everyday. India is changing, and will have to keep changing at an even faster pace to keep up with the newer and newer information being churned out and circulated each day. India will have to find ways to keep the 25% intelligent brains stimulated to retain them…. or face even bigger challenges than heretofore of retaining them

    So I am thinking what needs to be done ‘Right now’ and ‘Right here’. Wow… some knowing… the enormity is still sinking in. Congratulations and salutes to your dad for keeping up with the times.


  6. I am not able to view the video now, due to the firewall in the office…..but I will be sure to check it outside of work!

    And yes, one thing I can say for sure “Attitude makes all the difference.”


  7. Cool…I second and third you completely. Right Here and Now is the best possible time!! So off I go to do what I’ve been postponing since morning…cooking and cleaning :-((( Missed seeing your posts, btw.


  8. I didn’t know a lot of things. Thanks Ushus. Even though now we have more words still Shakespeare’s English was more eloquent.


  9. Thanks Ajith, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Right, Maald, I guess sometimes one does feel better off being less technological 🙂 Thank you for the note.

    Meg, It really is an eye opener 🙂 , isnt it? And yes the interesting tidbit that is here, about Dad, is all about Right here and right now too:) You, as far as I am concerned is the epitome of what you write: “surge ahead with confidence and a purpose to it all..
    ” your passion in what you do , write and share evinces all of that so well! 🙂 And dont worry about hyperventilating; I do it all the time, though one would not guess I was doing it, lol!
    Thanks Indygurl.. 🙂 A delight as always to read your comment 🙂

    Praveen, thank you for missing the blog, :D! Gratifying:) 🙂 Well, even the techies dont know much of the info? Ok! You certainly are right about the world running away with all of this progress, and us trying to catch up! The funny part is we create the progress, and then chase it:):) And that underscores the irony!!

    JP, obsolescence, true; but one of our own making, as I was just mentioning to Praveen too! Thank you for the pertinent observations shared, on the content of the video, along with your perspective. The challenges are bigger, the obstacles even mightier, but strive, we must, esp with the 25% intelligentsia 🙂 Thank you too, for the kind wishes to my father 🙂 He is still a role model for all of us 🙂

    Rakesh, I do hope you will be able to see it later. It’s worth watching. Thank you for being here to share your quote too!

    Pallavi, Right here and right now… there is much I should be doing too, like completing my Xcel sheet with Marks analysis, lol, but then for now, that is shelved 🙂 Thanks, so very much, for missing this space too 🙂

    Solilo, 🙂 thank you 🙂 Absolutely right about Shakespeare’s English…:) Eloquent is the word to use there… So while we have gained in quantity, quality has suffered, I do believe!


  10. That was quite jolting!Thanks so much for sharing this info,Usha!It truly was an eye opener.
    And hats off to your dad!His spirit reminds me of my father-in-law.He too is always upbeat about moving with the times.


  11. Yep a nice video:) will share this with the folks 🙂

    Thanks Chirag 🙂 found this comment without a reply so am trying out the edit comment thing too 🙂


  12. Wow, what information, really, and we are in the world wide web era, aren’t we? I had done an article on this some time before but I am still in awe with what the net and the solutions it offers!And love to your achan too!
    But I am currently going through a dry phase, can’t get to write anything!


  13. Brilliant video. We were shown this at orientation into our program (because the nano program is training us for jobs that don't exist yet…).

    Thanks for sharing! here's one I really like, also shown to us, but this time in the organic chemistry class. Not as verbose, but just as inspiring -> http://multimedia.mcb.harvard.edu/
    Do listen to the music that accompanies the video, it makes it that much more loveable.

    I'm completely impressed by your dad being able to use a computer at 78! Kudos!

    Good to be here, as ever.


  14. Would go to the link for sure.

    You know what, everytime I come here, i find something new. e.g, now there is this signature at the end of the post.
    You are wonderful.


  15. What a brilliant video Usha! I have added it to my favortes at youtube.
    And your dad is an inspiration!


  16. Deeps , thank you! Good to hear your father in law too is so like Dad 🙂

    chirag, thank you!

    sindhu , dont worry, your dry phase will rejuvenate into a shower of words that paint

    themselves into wordscapes of worthy effort 🙂 Look forward to read them too! Thank you so

    much for the lovely words!

    Aareet, I am totally inspired by what ever dad has done, really… and continue to be. 🙂

    Lucky us, to have him 🙂 And yes, I remember that video of the life of a cell. Intriguing

    one! Thanks, good to see you here too!

    Mampi , thanks 🙂 Yes the signature.. 🙂 You can get it too… rather easy… it’s in one of

    my earlier posts.. the link to the site.. I’ll see if I can post it for you ok? And thanks

    for the note too!

    Shail, yes indeed, Dad is such an inspiration as I have already said! Thanks for the visit

    and the words 🙂


  17. Kartz’s comment lost when I accidentally hit the reject button:( Sorry Karthik:)
    Kartz has left a new comment on your post “Right Here, Right Now! Wherefore… ?”:

    I must thank you for sharing that video ma’am. One can learn a lot from it.

    Right here, right now – well, as long as the thing called procrastination rules the roost… … … (better left unsaid)

    Wonderful post, ma’am. Thanks again, for the share. 🙂

    Peace. Be well.
    Sorry for the goof up, Karthik..

    Peace 🙂 And God Bless!


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