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Inked in Pink


Inking the world, in India, lol, has only one colour for those who value sanity and will not cower in the face of injustice, however infinitesimal it’s perception might be. Pink.

This is not a protest to just say we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It goes beyond that to preserve a culture, indeed, of having the privilege of being an Indian, with a Constitution that grants one a freedom, as Indyeah’s wonderful posts, here and here, have spoken.

While celebrating a day set aside of love, however it is perceived, from the West, North, South or outer space, has anyone forgotten, [read, Ravan Sena] that finally it is a beautiful sentiment, and a feeling of comfort that one is celebrating? That no other country save India, right down the ages, in its more than 5000 years of heritage having come under the influence of so many differnt religions, culutures and influences, ingrained from each the best to emerge a beautiful mosaic of beauty and sense. Again, there is wonder of discovery of the Universality of the beautiful emotion of Love at her blog [Indyeah, you rock!]

And while we gather our selves to show that we shall not bow down to the dictates of an earthworm like vision of those who would like to send the nation back to the Dark ages, I find this out of the world. Mr M. in a new outfit, blazing an entry this weekend, at a Theatre Near You! Solilo, my dear, You Rock Too!

There is the Pink Chaddi Campaign, having got everyone’s attention, the details of which you will find below. A bit of pink hoisery one hopes will go far in restoring respect where due.. :D!!!

Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women

And then there is the Flood Pink, here, at IHM’s blog, which is turning pink at the onset of flooding the virtual world and the real, with the Wonder of Pink! Each of us can in our own way contribute to ensuring that one does something, anything that day, that emphasizes that we shall not be subjugated to a backward thinking policy!

So where ever you are, if you can, show the faith in thinking Pink, to ensure that our Culture stays safe, and is not gagged and bound and trussed up like that chicken who simply squawked and did not voice her notions!

If anyone or anything has to stew, or be barbecued, let it be the notion that our culture is at risk. Celebrating love can never put any culture at risk. Never. [I guess I am using never too much :)]

Wishing each and every gesture of faith, for Love, on Valentine’s Day, all success.

Love will show the way.

12 February, 2009

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

19 thoughts on “Inked in Pink

  1. Usha:
    I’d just like to say one thing – let this Valentine’s Day teach us to live with tolerance. Tolerance for the opposite gender. Tolerance for others’ religion, faith, belief. Tolerance for others’ lifestyles and choices. And above all, tolerance for other human beings, irrespective of who or where they are.
    When I go to a pub tomorrow and raise a toast, it’ll be for tolerance. I hope all of us do the same. Live, and let live. That, more than anything else, is really the need of the times.


  2. Really happy to see innovation in protests too 😉 Seriously – united acts like these by the people only will help in making the country a better place to live!


  3. doesnt get pinker than this…:D
    love it !absolutely love it!learning from you IHM and Solilo…the gurus…:D
    lemme go and find pinkie pink stuff…:D
    and you are not using never too much:)
    ((hugs))pink is our new ink for now:D


    The Shakti Center/ Corporate Accountability Desk,
    No: 42 A, I floor,5 Avenue,
    Besant Nagar,
    Chennai 600090
    Last Date of Collection: 12 February


    Drop it off with Nitesh at High Spirits (Near ABC Farms)
    North Main Road

    Last Date of Collection: 12 February


    Call these gentlemen:
    Samir gandhi – 9246282223 / 9866733040
    Kaushik – 9703508756


  5. Ha..Ha.. Usha thanks. Pink is Ink. Cheesy lines :))

    Hope this time the peaceful protest are fruitful and next time fanatics think twice before moral policing anyone.


  6. “Love will show the way” Amen! A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you too,Usha!


  7. Guess its time to colour everything pink !


  8. I think the misdeed by the goons of Mutalik has actually proven counter productive for them as the pink campaign has made its mark in the sense that Mutalik has promised that he will not raise any protests against the couples found together on the Valentines day as he was planning to marry them off earlier. Well kudos to the crusaders.


  9. Now i came home after being off the grid for sum time and was shocked to know about all this…. this must have been the 5th post on this topic i am reading today…. i mean how can such a thing happen… i hope the campaign gains strength,.


  10. Bring on *Pink Panther* ;D Let good ol’ Pinkle teach these so-called-custodians-of-our-culture what *pink* can do.




  11. Surbhi, that is indeed a wise and balanced voice that you have brought in, in the midst of the frenzy of wanting to make a difference! Yes, let the voices be raised to bring back a bit of tolerance in our lives, for the sake of humanity. A wonderful thought, Surbhi. And let me raise a toast to that here, while you all are able to do it there :)Thank you so much for sharing that!

    I do believe, Dev, yes, that such united efforts will bring about some difference in the way we feel, think and act. We may not be so quick in accepting injustice so easily too! Thanks so much for your words!

    Indygurl.. 🙂 Pink is ink for us now 🙂 and ever so many places I keep seeing it too 🙂 Go on and wow the capital on 14th.. and I rather envy you guys out there too 🙂 Thanks as always for the affection you bring in too 🙂

    IHM, thanks for sharing the info here.. Hope it reaches far and wide, and the response is also overwhelming!

    Solilo, underscore all of that.. indeed I hope to God that the fanatics will not easily dismiss the aam janta, privileged or not, the next time!

    Deeps, it will.. u can bet on that! Thanks for the wishes.. and hope yours is wonderful too!

    Dhiren, Pink it is! Time to turn Pink.. even for men.. 🙂

    Balvinder, hopefully that is what will happen, and Valentine’s Day will pass off uneventfully, except for the protests and other activities planned. I wonder if one should take his words at face value; I still doubt, but then one can extend a bit of generosity by actually hoping that what he says, he will do 🙂
    Thanks for the information and for the wishes to everyone for the success of the campaigns!

    Wolfy, good to hear from you first of all 🙂 Hope you get lots of rest, and lots of TLC :)You deserve it! And yes, while you slogged, the world was going quietly and violently beserk here! A bit of pinkchaddigiri, hopefully will put things back on track 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping in.. 🙂 Hope to be seeing you.. 🙂

    Lol, Karthik, I was wondering what a field day Pink Panther, and Peter Sellers woould have in India these days, esp. blogosphere 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion!! :D!


  12. hehehe..nice to see ur blog all dyed in pink..this is a reallya good way oof ‘doing your bit’. The non drinker me is gonna join the pub bharo campaign on saturday..thts my bit;)


  13. nice 2 c your blog all dyed in pink..ehhehe..a nice way of doing your bit..
    the non drinke rme is gonna join the pub bharo campaign on saturday…thts my bit;)


  14. Praveen… 🙂 Good to hear that come Saturday, people will show their choices and stand by it 🙂 And no, its not about drinking, but being able to go to a Pub, and enjoy sometime there, that is all.. 🙂 *Sigh! They dont have pubs here, lol! Thanks.. and sorry, hit publish for both comments together 🙂


  15. i think there should be a pink flag and an indian flag.
    Just like the civil disobedience movement. May be the indian government can take some lessons from the indian women


  16. Anrosh, indeed that is something to think about too! It has to be a movement, that stays after the Val Day is over too, and I hope it sustains to make a real difference especially to the way women are treated in this nation!
    Thank you for your input, and for the visit 🙂


  17. I was upset when I read some posts saying bangles not panties should have been sent. But after reading your positive post I feel better.

    Let’s keep at it, each of us.
    And a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you… please, please wear pink tomorrow!!!.


  18. IHM, there will be opinions, and suggestions to do what is expected of one to do.. 🙂 But then we must break the mould of “expected” thinking, to make a difference!

    If I wanted my class to pick up adjectival clauses, it would be the right thing to explain, the expected thing to explain, in jargon, and go on… 🙂 But I decided to use “My Uncle has a ____ Buffalo” game, with a dash of the weird and spicy, by asking th ekids to fill up and put in an adjective in place… and alphabetically , orally, so that it would sharpen the memory too. To say that we had a whale of a time is an understatement… Shall do a post on that Uncle’s Buffalo soon.. 🙂 S0, [see I’ve rambled and ambled again :)], sending Mr M. the hoisery ware is what is jolting the finer sentiments, which is what we want, and which will send the message louder and clearer, and in a more telling way than Chudiyaan.. 🙂 [reminds me of thesong that Sreedevi sang in Lamhe:)] Let’s call it Pinckchaddigiri.. and why not do a post on it now?? Lol 🙂

    And thanks for the wishes, IHM, same to you..:) And I’m Pink tomorrow, and so is everyone, even if my son has to buy pink clothes. .. :D!


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