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We are not a perfect pair.
No! No! Not another pair of lovebirds.

We are not mirror images!
No, No! There would be too little of us!

We are not the dagger and the sheath.
Really! I’d feel real cut up, you know?

You see, we aren’t a pair at all!
I’m you, and you’re me-
Through all the multiple unreal images that manifest,
There is only One soul, we meet in!
I am, but that essence of you,
and so,
You are me!

So your smiles and giggles
Are expressions of my joy-
My tears are the outpouring of your sorrow-
The richness of life is in the
Magic of our mingling breath!

I breathe only as long as you live.

Stop! My dear, you say,
I exult!

And ..
I reply,

I’m breathless,
With your laughter!

26 October 2007


Another to share :

With you, always…

Valentine’s Day run-up-flooding-of-Mush-and-Goo, in progress! And thanks again Solilo, for the precious advice!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

16 thoughts on “Entity

  1. ahh the mush continues! for some reason it eludes me now! bah!


  2. Oh a Valentine’s song…I could never write one–Its a refreshing read…wishes,devika


  3. Nice one…wishes..take care


  4. Nobody’s perfect. Therefore,going by this logic,there can be no perfect pair either,rite?It works only if u trample this logic by the power of ur love and will to make it work..Sighh..I like ur blog. I’ll visit u again. Anand. 🙂


  5. its building up !!! wtg usha !


  6. now this is very touching and sensitising, loved the magic of love the poem spuns on the readers mind…sorry heart…Indulgence is the most beautiful part of love and this poem appeases u to do so…. beautiful dear…


  7. loved this one a lot..for a minute, I was wondering whthr you are writing about ‘aparan’ :P..then I got it…hhehhee


  8. mushy mushyI am you, you are me…me loves the way you express ‘thee’.(lolzzz)


  9. Wow!! Perfect welcome for feb 14…great going!!! Hope i cud come up wit something nice next feb 14


  10. will come back later:)right now my head’s full of debates and arguments on freedom:Dnot a good frame of mind to comment on this..:)


  11. This is not mush. This is sensitive love. You touched a chord here Usha. Loved this line “There is only One soul, we meet in!I am, but that essence of you,and so,You are me!”Beautiful!


  12. “I’m breathless with your laughter”…I loved it. There is something so intangibly close in that line.


  13. ”We are not mirror images!No, No! There would be too little of us!”Beautiful lines….emphasising that each one is a unique individual….that one doesnt have to be an exact reflection of the other…absolutely loved it…and yet this…”I breathe only as long as you live.”beautiful Usha!:)True how is one to say where one ends and the other begins?two souls entwined for eternity…..perhaps…?:)


  14. Ah… The pulchritude of it all…Ma’am… Are you like this before every V-Day? 🙂 I mean… Serious! You are in your element. Am at loss for words to describe the way you portray such emotions… :)Lovely…Peace.


  15. Meena, :)Rini, 🙂 :)Devika, 🙂 Just my way of adding voice to speak up for Love 🙂 And a sort of run up to Valentine’s Day :)That is all 🙂 Thank you for the kind words!MIP, thank you :)Anand, Welcome to this space too. Thank you for the good words for the write :)I rather like the perspective, which in itself is a contradiction that is worked out only because of Love 🙂 Nice!Dhiren :)Painting the Savanna 🙂 Thanks as always :)Praveen, lol, the aparan 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words!Mithe, :)Thanks :)Rajesh, Am sure you will think of something too 🙂 Thank you so much!Indyeah, Meg, you go on and do your bit, not just a bit, awesome stuff.. wish you all th ebest for the protest 🙂 And thank you for finding time to keep coming here, and brightening each post with your lively words 🙂 :)Solilo, thank you so very very much 🙂 You always boost one’s spirit with your uplifting words too 🙂 Thanks so much!Roopa, 🙂 🙂 thank you so much!Karthik, no I am not like this each Val. Day, lol. This time it is a deliberate way to speaking up for Love 🙂 🙂 Thank you for reaching out to put your comforting words for teh writes, each time 🙂


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