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For Martyrdom, Again!


January 30. Martyr’s Day. The day to observe in sombre, peaceful and committed manner our homage to the martyrs to our Nation, who gave their lives for, and protected, its Freedom.

A day that, 61 years ago, shook not just our country, but the world in shudders of grief, at the senseless killing of a great advocate of Non-Violence.

Sixty-one years on, how much further are we?

India blossomed in the newness of her liberty; she floundered, lifted herself, braced herself with her peoples’ bountiful courage and devotion. The common man’s and the respected leaders’.

A green revolution.
A white revolution.
Glasnost, Indian ishtyle.
Economic growth.
Privatization in several spheres.
Loosing the stranglehold in some areas.

But tightening them where there should have been none at all.
For now comes revolutions of other kinds.
The Saffron revolution.
The Neo-talibanization – Indian ishtyle.
Gagging voices, even in blogosphere.
Goonda Raj.
Revering culture, ala Manusmriti brand.


Progress. Back to where we came from, when our Freedom was at stake! Only back then we knew who the enemy was, and where. Almost always, on the other side of the border.

Now, it is the face next door, the man/woman, sitting beside you on the bus, the person who passes you by, on the road, a group of inconspicuous youth, engaged in seemingly normal tasks… it could be anyone, around…

And suddenly the wondrous colours of life become just one. The shade of mistrust, of envy, of narrow minded intolerance, of villainy, of fear and anxiety.

Whither to, India?

Each Martyr’s Day, we honour those who have laid their lives down for the motherland.

This Martyr’s Day, shall we have to pledge to walk down that same road, to preserve the Freedom of Equality, of Opportunity, for the Girl Child? For the young Indian woman? For women? For, to re-hash a quote from the memorable George Orwell’s Animal Farm; All men are Equal, but some men are more equal than others! The first paragraph on this site should give you an inkling that Orwell was certainly prophetic!!!

We simply cannot bow down to this oppression. For that is what it is slowly but sure turning out to be. On the one hand, the promotion of benefits and growth of the Girl Child is touted with much fanfare, and on the other there is this dominion over girls who want to be just another normal girl in the twenty-first century!

Let us lower our threshold of tolerance to injustice, and raise our hands and voices against those who are intolerant.

I remembered this old song by Bonnie Tyler, and here is the video. Do modify the lyrics from “He” to “She” 🙂 What the song captures is certainly what we need…A knight in shining armour, :), which finally, has to be us. Each of us!! To slay the Dragons of the Hopeless Kind, retrograde, pervert, and regressive!!!

(Cannot embed the video:( An error message keeps popping up! So here is the link)


Holding out for a hero
She’s got to be strong
And she’s gotta be larger than life!

Can we, this day, become that hero, for our own sakes? For the sake of a progressive nation? For the sake of humanity?

Today is also observed as Peace Day is many places, I do believe. Let us hope that good sense and good will to humanity will once more visit human hearts and the world will live as one!

For Peace!

30 January, 2009

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

15 thoughts on “For Martyrdom, Again!

  1. Thanks IHM. Will get to the petition by this evening 🙂
    Thanks for the link too!


  2. AMEN !


  3. AMEN! Imagine by John Lennon is my fav song!


  4. Indeed,”Whither to, India?”
    and yet, what a beautiful way to give us hope!

    What a beautiful way to say it all!
    the Bonnie Tyler song rocks!:)
    She’s definitely going to be strong!She definitely will be a hero!
    She will take whats hers by right!:)


  5. “Let us lower our threshold of tolerance to injustice, and raise our hands and voices against those who are intolerant.”

    YES! and let us do it together.

    I am so glad to have found such like minded people here who write with passion on the same issues I believe in.


  6. Well done post.
    Thanks Usha.


  7. Ad majorem *India* gloriam!


  8. animal farm is one of my fav books…It can be directly appplied to the political class in India..

    and an apt song to end the gr8 post…again..one of my fav songs


  9. that was an eloquent post usha!loved it like any other post of urs.while we observe silence and salute our martyrs who gave us what we enjoy today wat would u say for the insulting treatment meted out to poor widow of a martyr at the gallantry award ceremony at rashtrapati bhavan???????ur thought provoking posts inspire me alot usha. i had a wonderful experience when i went thru ur post on holding hands and did take it to enrich me in some way. a wonderful experience . read it for urself if u care to. thanks again for such wonderful posts hats off to u!1


  10. Yes,your link made me search and search hard.on google….gagging of all things?finally found MM’s post yesterday which gives all the links in one place.
    One simply wonders.Are we all doomed to be mirror images of our politicians ?We will keep saying what we want to.Bindaas.And to hell with those who seek to gag us.

    And As I read your post again ,I have to say brilliantly presented…thought provoking and more..


  11. I had posted a comment on your post in the morning.I think I skipped clicking on the submit button.And it just vanished.How absent-minded of me!I really need to take a break frm blogging and net-surfing!It seems to be taking a toll on my head!!
    Jokes apart,just wanted to say I’m with you on this.Lets stand up against all sorts of intolerance and oppression.
    Thank you for such an awakening post,Usha.


  12. IHM, got to the petition and signed it 🙂 Hope it might create a small ripple at least, all of them together!

    Dhiren, you said it, Amen!

    Imp’s MOm, mine too 🙂 Glad you could find it here!

    Meg, that is the spirit! She will and must!!! No other way! Thank you!

    Solilo, same here 🙂 I never expected the virtual world to be a place where there would be so much to feel at home about 🙂 But as you say, it is such a wonderful thing to have met virtually at least, so many of you here! Thank you!

    Mampi, thank you too!

    Karthik, yes, to the Greater Glory of India 🙂 [I am educated by that phrase, I learned something new.. thank you so much for that!!]

    Praveen, thanks for sharing the connection you have to both of them, the book and the song…:)

    Chandrika, welcome here, and thank you so much for all those good words! I am really honoured by the way you took that tag to such a practical level and thereby got so much more out of it, tangibly. Thank you so much!

    Meg, 🙂 Thanks so much.. 🙂 And your fine post on the details of that gagging really brought much information too!

    Deeps, happens to me all the time, and I wonder where the comment went.. lol! Don’t worry, at least you did get back to it 🙂 Thanks so much for the empathy and for joining in here!


  13. For, to re-hash a quote from the memorable George Orwell’s Animal Farm; All men are Equal, but some men are more equal than others!

    Lovely Line.

    I wrote about it on 26th of January, I mentioned the issue of Mangalore attack on Pub goers. Some Ram Sena attacked boys and girls who were in an alcohol and dance pub.

    I thought, and I mentioned it as a saffron hooliganism.

    But later on i realized it is not only that. it was something related to Feminism and Issue of Date Rape.

    P.S sorry for intruding, but it was a nice blog entry.


  14. @unpretentious diva thank you for reading and leaving your perspectives. 🙂


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