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Hooligans? Naah! Never!


For once, I applauded Arnab, of Times Now.

An interview was in progress as I caught the programme, almost at its end.

It was nothing short of a slanging match, a shouting spree between a BJP representative, a Congress Representative and (Trumpets please, followed by drum roll) Ram Sena National General Secretary, Vinay Something!

Speaking on the Mangalore “incident”

Vinay: We condemn [I gasped, coughed on my food, a bit of it dropping back on to my plate, my son thumping my back.. all of it happened together] the act that took place in Mangalore. It was a criminal act, *blah blah blah*

Arnab [smirking, no, smiling genially] So you are saying it should not have happened?

Vinay: What you people are not seeing is why it happened. They were teenagers. They were taking alcohol. The pub owner is also to blame. Why he gave them alcohol?

Arnab: So you are saying it was right to hit them, tear their clothes.

Vinay: No no no… that was wrong. Why you are talking only about that? You are not seeing everything!

Arnab: They were your party members?

Vinay: Why you are looking at that only. What happened you do not know

Arnab: They were your party members?????
[He had to ask again for this reply from Vinay]

Vinay: Yes.

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans?

Vinay: Silence.

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans?

Vinay: Silence

Arnab [pointedly]: So those 40 men who attacked these girls, would you call them hooligans? Vinay, were they or weren’t they?

Face off. A stubborn Vinay refuses to make a noise. It now becomes a battle of wills. Arnab repeats, repeats, and pins him down. Vinay is looking hunted , haunted and cornered.

Vinay: [Blank faced] NO.

Arnab [disbelievingly smiling, smirking, nodding] So you say they were not hooligans! That says it all!!

Thank you gentlemen, for your time.


I have one quarrel with Arnab. That he called all of them”gentlemen”.

And I rest my case there.

27 Januray, 2009


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

23 thoughts on “Hooligans? Naah! Never!

  1. Nice touch at the end. I watched the show. Its just another debate which was scheduled to be not completed like thousands of others.

    Its disgusting to see these BJPs and Congress representing people.


  2. Soumya, thank you for picking up that inflection, intended, at the end 🙂 Indeed it is disgusting to say the least.. But then we still go on making them the rubber stamp heads, dont we?


  3. Yes,at the end that ‘not hooligans’ says it all doesn’t it?It’s the mindset that’s rotten to the core…these guys see women as commodities….to be protected till they can be bartered or exchanged or sold or…you name it..

    and yeah……gentlemen these guys are certainly not!but then Arnab is ..:)


  4. Indyeah, Meg, it’s just as you say, the mindset that somehow gets worse! Lol@gentleman for Arnab 🙂 Agree to disagree 🙂 🙂 For me, most times he comes across as too pushy and rude, but for once I was glad he was!!! Just a personal viewpoint 🙂
    Thanks for your discernment!


  5. I think so too!:D…Arnab does seem pompous doesn’t he?(psstt!!..I thought you were a fan!:D)but not pompous this time..he .does have some redeeming qualities..:D


  6. Meg :D! Bless him this day for this act of courage :)G’nite /G’morn 🙂 Off now 🙂


  7. i missed the show…. 🙂
    should watch it now….
    and let Vinay and his idiots go to hell….


  8. hey that arnab fellow is just aweasome..i remember watchin his shwo during tye mumbai attacks..he took the politician apart with his questions


  9. i missed the show…but i guess this post jzu says it all 🙂 politics is nothin short of a bloody rat hole… no values exist, no more… sigh!


  10. Thats what.. they are not hooligans !!

    4 days after the attack and there is still a lobby who defend these animals.

    They are even more deadly then the 26/11 attackers. You can atleast shoot those terrorists. These people you cant even do anything. Arrest them and they get bail…

    I guess its time for the crowd to take this mob on. When they strike its time for people not to run but fight them and pulverise these goonda’s.

    The police and the authorities dont want to get their hands dirty in this.

    Its time for us citizens to start our own means of taking the mob on.

    I dont see any other solution. It sounds ugly but there is no one who cares for ordinary citizens is there ?


  11. Thanks Usha and also for the end note. Media sometimes can do wonders.

    Finally I could post my comment in the other post but in my 2-3 attempts the content got lost :(.


  12. Now THAT is a bone to pick, why call them all ‘gentlemen’??!! 😛


  13. One pat on the back for Arnab. Once in a while, the media can be responsible.

    With the danger of sounding very weird, I heard the MTv Vj comment on the fact that Mr (ahem) Vinay saying that the media has blown this out of proportion by asking if this DID or did NOT happen… It wasnt just camera tricks then how is it blown out of proportion?

    Did that guy mean to say that hitting women, tearing their clothes is NOT a big deal?


  14. I missed this piece on TV….and yes I agree, one should never call them gentlemen!


  15. Thank you so much.. yes,we learn together..we never teach..:)problems in posting on my blog..hence the trip here..:)and oh! I am learning from the best! 🙂
    Thank YOU for the letter..:)


  16. bravo arnab, bravo!
    i love it when he makes these kinda mean sweat..
    too bad i missed this..
    morons like vinay..i wonder whr in the earth these guys crop up from?


  17. I missed it, but these journalists, they have their own way…Remember how Barkha Dutt questions everybody and leaves them absolutely shell shocked, wondering if they’ve said the right things or not? The simple reason for their unacceptance of the truth of their conscience..

    :)..Finally these 24/7 news channels are getting a better vote from me 🙂


  18. Damn I missed the show. And what a great job by Arnab.

    have linked up to you, hope its ok…


  19. They were not hooligans because Indian women are expected … wait let me quote an enlightened blogger, “But in India…. Still the girl is considered as the epitome of moral values. That’s the reason they were attacked. There are certain things to do and not to do. If these ‘not to do’ things are done, then it will create problems definitely to the person doing it, and the entire lifetime will be wasted in facing and answering those questions.”
    With IQ levels like this what do we expect Usha?


  20. The problem with our society is that one man’s hooligan is another one’s moral police. And there are so many of such moral police men, their tribe increasing by the day. I don’t know why doesn’t our administration come down heavily on these goons. They just look for some opportunity to come out on the roads in support of some cause which instead of doing some good , causes a lot of harm to the society as a whole.

    And that Arnab show was a mad house. In fact only Rudy was speaking with a low tone. Other two were shouting at top of their voices. that is when i got up and walked away from the TV room.


  21. I missed it on the tv.
    but you helped me know what it was all about.
    Absolutely criminals-and they are running loose in my country. What makes us tolerate them?


  22. Let those goddamn twits burn in hell… x(

    Amen to Peace.


  23. Ajit, I wonder if you did 🙂 They did not go to hell incidentally. They have come out of jail 😦 For what more this month of Feb. which is going to be like a mela of imposing culture, with Val Day around the corner! *Sigh* Thanks for signing in 🙂

    Sash.. right you are. I wonder if there is anyway to get those rats exterminated too! Thanks for being here too!

    Dhiren, there is consensus on this one thing, that the administration is not going to do anythig to them.. and so it is left to the public, to [man]handle them! But when will it happen? When each of us has systematically faced their treatment, and we can take no more? It is not reaction we need, but pro active movements!
    Thank you for the views shared here, all of them so very pertinent!

    Solilo, I understand! Thank you for staying on and attempting till it did get posted! And while the media can do wonders, one wondered why they were giving so much footage to these goons being released yesterday!

    Shail, :P! You did get it!!!

    R.V., that is a very very good question? So what is a big deal, finally to them?? Thank you for the visit and the views shared here!

    Rakesh, thanks for the way you look at it too. Not gentlemen, that is for sure.

    Meg 🙂 I know!!

    Praveen, one place is the rat hole, as Sash says, the others…? I'd be doing an injustice if I compared them to any of God's creatures, so I leave it at that! Right, this time Arnab really proved he has the stuff!!

    Aruna, the less said about Barkha the better; that is one Lady [???] who has exemplified Freedom of Speech by helping to gag too 🙂
    And well, I guess this was a one off incident for Arnab, who does not better 🙂 At least, so far he has not been as terrible as Barkha!

    Imp's Mom, certainly is ok 🙂 Thank you for that!! And for being here!

    IHM, oh my, such enlightenment!! Tell me where he serves up such [#&@*%^$@$%$^%$] gyaan??? Cripes, with such learned persons, you ask rightly, what do we expect!!! Jago India, Jaago!

    Ah Balvinder, you know 🙂 Indeed, only Mr Rudy seemed to be normal, in the sense of how he spoke… it was a madhouse.. but this part was the show stopper!! Thank you for your views on the whole issue too; your new post is wonderful at the way it exposes the double standards of these so called protectors so well!

    Mampi, what indeed!! We have kind of raised our threshold of tolerance to a pretty high level and we can take just about any kind of abuse! WE need to lower all of that and be pro active. How?? That again is another good question. But the fact remains we must! Thank you for the words you have shared here too!

    Karthik, twits? Something stronger, way stronger I think needs to be given as title for them! Thanks for being here too!
    Indeed, Amen to Peace!


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