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Daughter Dear!


And one day

I was blessed
With a daughter dear!

Delightful darling!
She grew up too fast!

And today she stands
A bedecked, beautiful bride.

The sweetest smile;
Shy, and yet, that
Mischievous look,
When she raises her eyes!

Exchanging vows-
Oh my, my baby,
Now a wife!

A tear falls-
Hers, in mine.

No matter that
She now weds;

I’ll always be blessed
With this daughter dear!

22 September,’07


As I have mentioned before, no, I do not have my very own daughter 🙂 But the ways of the world are strange and blessed; found myself given the gift of at least two daughters…who I know ought to have been mine 🙂 And so, they are 🙂 🙂

No, this verse does not subscribe to the theory of a mother losing her daughter at her marriage; rather this celebrates the occasion of her having found someone, (really :)), and our happiness. Dear One, S, I am so happy for you… cannot really tell you how much! May you be blessed to be together as peas in a pod 🙂 🙂

This also is to share my anguish over what is happening to Mother India’s Daughters by those who have appointed themselves guardians of her Morality! Foolish men, who know not, the meaning of that word, of that succor that comes from a woman, their mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend!

Daughters dear, do not give up believing in yourselves

Do not lose the faith, that you are in every way equal

Do not cower in the face of brutalities of the real cowards

Daughters dear, men are, because you are!

Bless you!!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

28 thoughts on “Daughter Dear!

  1. I know! Assholes! what gives them right to tamper with anyone elses will! burr!Anyways.. such a lovely tender poem .. very simple and yet directly reaches the heart 🙂


  2. Meena, I know!! Thanks for the prompt visit, as always, and the sweet words too!


  3. Oh how ma would love this too…:)what a touching creation this one is!…and you say you don’t have any?Usha Pisharody ,you’ll keep finding daughters throughout your life..because you have the heart of a mother you see….not just any…but the heart of a daughter’s mother…:)hugsss!!”Foolish men, who know not, the meaning of that word, of that succor that comes from a woman, their mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend!” Their loss….more fools they!”Daughters dear, men are, because you are!”Yes, they are, aren’t they?..:D idiots!! the whole lot who don’t know this…:)I do believe and I will always…:


  4. Pain not, a woman’s heart,For Hecate’s ire will take you apart!Fool! You know not; it spells your doom…The Goddess shall bury you in a pall of gloom.A very touching verse ma’am… (Not mine, duh!) Loved it. Lucid as ever… :)Peace.


  5. Meg, thank you for believing, and for all those wonderful things you shared here 🙂 I am particularly touched by your assurance that I will keep finding daughters.. Found you too, didn’t I?? 🙂 🙂 Thanks….:)Karthik, thanks, for the verse, so apt, you shared, and for the good words!


  6. You know how I identify with this, don’t you?? Brought a lump to my throat reading this. Though I have no biological daughters, I have found daughters along life’s way.


  7. Two so different occasions but a similar emotional creation by you makes it your best creative effort till date!Very nice and very very moving…:)


  8. I normally perceived females being the superior then males !! But suddenly I feel I am so much more lucky I am not a female. I can go to a pub and drink, I can even dance naked and no one will bother… But if I were born a female and if I would dare wear something short or have a good time !!! Boy o boy !!! In our great country I would be crucified if i were born a female … Disgusting !! Pathetic !! Shameless !!


  9. A very touching, straight from the heart composition!


  10. Thanks so much all of you.. wl be back with individual replies in a while..:)


  11. Very nice. So true. The events have been shameful.


  12. Nice…Well…U watch Prakash Raj’s Abhiyum Naanum. Its a tamil film. Hope u understand the same… Actually it ll b really nice if ur hubby watches.Too good a film.. U ll enjoy


  13. Trailblazer, thank you, especially for the empathy!Rajesh, thanks. No I havent seen that film. Wl try and get it to watch!


  14. 🙂 🙂 :)An all-tym fav, no doubt!! Thank You!! 🙂


  15. Usha, What can I say? You know my views already. You are an amazing person and I feel your pain and love for daughters.


  16. This was absolutely a celebration of life mam.I was so overwhelmed… however the beatific feeling juxtaposed with the meanness of this world left me contemplating…. thanks for such a beautiful write


  17. I had posted a long long reply, individually to all of you, from shail’s comment to Rakesh’s ! It would appear to have been swallowed by the system, or blogspot 😦 Terribly sorry… let me go back and see if this works first…Thanks everyone… wl keep attempting to post replies here!


  18. Lovely as ever! I had tears after I read it, wonder how my periappa periamma would feel at their daughter’s (my sister’s) wedding! But may be that is the rule of nature…that is how things are supposed to be… 🙂


  19. Nice poem.Why such a long disclaimer? :-)-Nikhil


  20. Good one, Usha..I have so many daughters who are not mine..small children to just about 20 years. none of them ready for marriage, yet :)wishes, devika


  21. Shail, I do know exactly what you mean. 🙂 Me too! Thanks for the words of empathy and warmth :)Mithe, thank you so much. It is an honour to hear that :)Dhiren, but you see, I am still glad I am a woman.. 🙂 Never mind that some masked faces are trying to clamp down upon us; I know that there is a strength and timelessness of feminine existence that will overcome this too! Though of course, I fully understand what you mean, and agree too! It really is disgusting and pathetic, the way things are going on!Thank you for the connection and the words shared here!


  22. Sashu, 🙂 🙂 You know!!Solilo, I know, esp of your trials and travails with posting the note here! Thanks so much for the good words too!@Painting the Savannah, Thank you too, for all those wonderful words, and for sharing your perspective here!Tara, I can understand what you mean… the moments are poignant and also joyful at the same time 🙂 The wedding is during your exams isn’t it? Thanks for the warm words!Nikhil, thanks 🙂 Disclaimer, because I had already this other post on daughters on the other blog:) and I wanted to add another perspective that is all… Looking at it now, I guess it was a vent, and one too long too! Thanks for sharing that observation!!!Dev, thank you :)Devika, I can understand how it is that you come to have so many daughters too! 🙂 I am sure you enjoy their company as well! Thank you for the kind words, and for sharing how it is with you.


  23. i like this poem yes, but the prose at the end of it more so 🙂


  24. Vrinda, 🙂 Thanks for liking the prose part too.. 🙂


  25. I know my Ma would have said something very very similar. The joy of knowing what that day means so much to me, the sadness of letting me go, the hope of a better future, the knowledge that it wont always be a smooth ride, the surety that her little girl can handle it all!


  26. R.V., that is what I like about mothers too… that though they know that things may not be smooth, they will have faith in their daughters’ ability to handle it all 🙂 Thank you for echoing that sentiment! Thanks a lot!


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