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Growing Up!


She wrinkled her
Pert nose-

Please? Let me!

No! You taught me,
And now, I will!

But your soft hands…
And the nails you grew…!
So what, they’ll grow back again!

Daddy dearest, No!
I will change the flat tyre!

23 September, ’07


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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

23 thoughts on “Growing Up!

  1. This is me…:D….right down to the flat tire….except that he doesn’t say a word…just gives me these looks which say enough on their own…lol!Was this you?or a daughter I wonder?If you it was,then we are indeed Two peas in a pod…:)


  2. Meggy :)It was me, the daughter :D! And well yes, the years in between just seem to melt away with the way you connect so … so.. connectedly! Grew up with two brothers, one older, and the other younger [just like you, lol!]; always been rather over protective of the younger one…:DSo I was one of them, and did all that they did 🙂 Including changing flat tyres. And though Dad did try and dissuade me, I just wouldn’t! Peas in a pod:) Thanks, I like that, lol. I have a couple of friends who are just like this.. and I call them this:) She is the daughter I wish I’d had 🙂 and he is named the same as my older son! Just like my children, my very own 🙂 Amazing that you too should say that 🙂 :)By the way, did this one show up on your blogroll? Just checking… !


  3. lol!I knew it,simply did!It had to be you..:DandYup it did…praise the lord!:)Shhh…just let me imagine now….a girl…a father and a changing of tyres…:)


  4. *Giggle giggle*and more*giggle giggle giggle*:D!!


  5. And this one, Meggy Indyeah, is one of another dad. Something tells me you’ll know 🙂 Do read, when you can.. 🙂


  6. Yes !Changing tyres . Yes that’s childhood.


  7. Trinath, 🙂 Thank you for that connection you make!


  8. Now even though I am a son, I suddenly could visualise me old and my daughter changing the tyre… cute !


  9. And that doesnt mean I didnt care for her !


  10. 🙂 Dhiren, of course, I know! Thanks for the way you looked at it too!


  11. On the occasion of the Republic Day of our country, i take this opportunity to present this award to my blogger friends who have made a difference by writing their frank opinions in their blogs as well, as in the comment columns of other blogs. These bloggers have not written any sensational or luscious stories to attract traffic to their blogs, but they have put down in prose as well, as verse, whatever they have felt strongly about, may it be about their personal lives or about a burning issue of the society. The sole purpose of their writing has been to make a difference. I wish that their ideas may fructify and bring a change in the society for better. I salute them all. Usha, please pick up your award.


  12. Balvinder, I did see it, and thanks so much for the honour… ! Awed, humbled and honoured. Shall celebrate with it, on Republic day :)Thank you, ever so much, all over again!


  13. Sweet. 🙂 I feel bad that I don’t help him with the tyres, because I don’t know how to. But I love helping him with assembling different things, and I love to work with his elaborate tool kit! Stealthily looking for his prideful glance… 🙂


  14. You know, I know, Tara… and that speaks volumes of how you connect! Thank you for that.. 🙂 Ah yes, the toolkit, and the electric drill he has are still coveted by me.. :D!


  15. Very very cute Usha:)


  16. Usha,Loved this one. Though not sure if my daughter will offer help (remember, she is MY daughter :-))Cheers,Sal


  17. Salil, perhaps you should share this with her to show the enthusiasm that can come from even changing a tyre. LOl… Thanks, loved the note too! Warm wishes to her 🙂


  18. 🙂 Lovely; made me chuckle… Peace.


  19. Oh how sweet! Sigh, I am afraid I was never brought up that way. I don’t like to go back in memories ever. So I try and look forward always. I hope I have made it different for my two monkeys and that they take frequent trips backwards with a smile on their face.


  20. Shail, going by the lovely funny and humane posts on your blog, I know for sure your boys will even tell their kids about it all 🙂 Along with you of course 🙂 You’re going to be that adorable Art master in the magician’s cape like Aamir Khan in TZP :)Thank you for the sigh too 🙂


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