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At Each Dusk..


At each sunset,
When the day has
Outdone itself to
A brilliant remembrance
At dusk.

At each moon rise,
When night decks
Herself in diamond
Stars, and bathes
In enchanting moonlight:

The heart stops a

To feel the magic
And soothe the cares;

To count the blessings
And remember the giving;

To revere the only thing
That matters anymore-


2 April, ’91


An old favourite. Also a re-post. 🙂 But sometimes I just like to read this and hope, and hope again, that all will be well. That Love will find a way 🙂

Pic. Courtsey: pulverblog.pulver.com


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

25 thoughts on “At Each Dusk..

  1. Love always will find its way… really well written, thanks to you even i feel like writing a poetry. Let me also tell you I hated poetry… but things can change….


  2. loved it 🙂 me being the i-love-the-world-type..The worst thing about love is that we have it but we dont know it..


  3. Awwwwww! I feel like stealing this one away! Dusk – my favourite time of the day!Keep ’em oldies coming….


  4. Beautiful words! Completely enchanting…made me feel ‘love’ly! 🙂


  5. at each dusk, i wud love to savour all the blessings that I got on that day, thank god for another day added to my life…and think on how to make the next day evern better:)


  6. Hi Usha, Reverse or rewind…Love is the only thing that matters…Keep it live within, no matter what!Good post, Usha..its a repost you say — so your rewinding it, right :)wishes, devika


  7. It sure will, and pray, it always does 🙂


  8. At the risk of repeating myself ad nauseam – beautiful 🙂 …I really admire the way you join words so seamlessly, and of course the beauty of your ideals. Sigh (contentedly)


  9. very picturesque… and the words play with the imagination!!!very brilliant!! 🙂


  10. simple and beautiful 🙂


  11. That’s brilliant description of day slipping into the night’s lap with no material possessions but “Love” and “Hope”Excellent


  12. Dhiren, thank you for that 🙂 The way you see it! Indeed, things can change.. :)Meena, :)Nivedita, isn’t that always the case, what we have, we do not take care of as we should.. *sigh*!! Thanks for the sweet words too!Sanket, thank you!! Oldies are all that I have these days, 🙂 The muse is on vacation again. :)Tara.. “love”d the way you put that down.. thanks!!!Praveen, that is a lovely prayer too.. may it be so.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that here.. :)Devika, thank you for the wishes 🙂 I don’t know if I would ever re-wind.. 🙂 Re-visit, maybe. 🙂 Rini, yes, pray it always does. Thanks for the good words too!Roopa, its a pleasure to hear that too.. never mind the ad nauseum bit.. :D!! Thank you, as ever, for gracing the writes with your words.. :)Vinay… thank you! Delighted to read that!!!Shalu, thank you:) :)Mr Balvinder… thank you so much! An honour to hear that from you 🙂


  13. I like to rewind, Usha.No revisiting, Never..anyway, not against someone revisiting..would never wish to comment on personal choices, though i have my strong notions about right and wrongs..i can have that, no??wishes, devika


  14. I gave you an award on my site.. please collect it.. i guess you already have it given to you.. but any ways… http://hitchwriter.blogspot.com/


  15. i had a twinkle in the eye..damp one..bful bful bful bful bful!


  16. Somebody mentioned about stealing this away.. The dusk the beauty.. I couldnt resist myself from stealing.. It so worked under me… Stole it into my blog :)Hope the teacher forgives me for this 😐


  17. The academy !!!… Ass kicked for the whole day… You make yourself remember that its worth it when u visualize urself in that soon to come uniform !.. Well that will be my interpretation of it Maa’m.. Hope your doing well.. !!


  18. Re-post Matlab..You used to blog before or ur reposting your old written snippets ??


  19. Love… I find it tantalizing. (You will probably see that word on any post about love that I would have read & commented on)Another lucid piece of poetry. Enjoyed it through and through.Merci.Peace.


  20. Will stop by to comment soon ma’am. In the meanwhile, do go here – http://kartzonline.blogspot.com/2008/12/award_09.htmlAnd blog updated at long last! 🙂


  21. When night decksHerself in diamondStars, and bathesIn enchanting moonlight:……….beautiful lines.. 🙂 n a brilliant blog too… saw u on kartick’s blog! i must actually thank him..


  22. Devika, certainly.. :)Dhiren, thank you.. wl be by to collect in a few days :)Kamna :)Prabvhu.. I did read it 🙂 You’ve done a fine job.. :)the army guy… lol… I like that interpretation… have heard it here too, in different words too! Hope you’re doing good too. Have to visit your space soon :)Re-post matlab, I’m pulling up some old ones that got lost in the pile here, and went by without a comment, :)Karthik, thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it! And thank you for the award.. 🙂 Shall drop by in a while.. :)MIP, thank you too! I have to catch up with your blog posts too!Matangi, thank you. Hope to be able to drop by at your space too, soon.


  23. Usha,Good poem, as usual.I personally believe ‘love’ is one of those ‘over-abused’ words.To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead – Bertrand RussellCheers,


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