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What do you do?


Nopes, not a questing post. But something a little more simple, and very basic.

I have at least 3 posts dying to get out of me, but somehow I am unable to get them here, for a very very silly reason. I need to write them out on paper before I can assuredly put them here. A quirk, nothing more 🙂 I know I have a very good speed at the keyboard, having done a proper typewriting course when I was 15, years ago, after my tenth board exams. And that grounding has served me well, really well. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, lol, I type faster, and more accurately than a lot of people I know. Still, somehow, if I do not write something down on paper, I do not feel I should be writing it down here… 🙂

No, I did not write this on paper. But this is just a silly post 🙂

I wonder if I have compatriots who suffer this rather troublesome condition? Just checking to see if I am the weirdo that I am sure I must be. :D!

You don’t have to put anything down here. Just rambling 🙂

Have a great Sunday 🙂

6 December, 2008

Pic. Courtsey: http://www.concurringopinions.com

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

27 thoughts on “What do you do?

  1. I dont have that trouble at all…. i love the keyboard and directly type into tht…

    infact a couple of friends act as sweet free editors bringing to focus my spelling and typo errors…


  2. LOL I am exactly the opposite!I have started preferring to type maybe because there is not much occasion to write and all the time and reason to type.
    I make lots of typos when I try to type too fast though … learnt typing only a few years ago with a Floppy drive which had some type teaching games, called ..now what was it called … TYPE TUTOR, I think.

    I have always wished I could type really well. Made sure my kids do 🙂
    And all day yesterday I sang and played Imagine, Thank You!


  3. Nope..this is not silly..you have company! Even I jot down points on a piece of paper as and when some ideas strike me!


  4. Heh heh heh… Need company? Here I am! 😀

    Pen/paper first, anytime. No, not at commenting. 😛

    Peace. Happy Sunday!


  5. usha jee
    your blog is very beautiful
    can you tell me how to insert this clock
    i need some decorative elements like this in my blog
    wish u best of luck
    jp – thrissivaperoor


  6. Hitchwriter, lucky you 🙂 thanks for letting me know

    IHM… lol! I remember typing tutor.. i loved it, coz i would get such high scores on the readability… and we had that frog and fly game to teach the kids to use the mouse use.. :D! Glad you enjoyed Imagine. It is one of the loveliest songs ever.. 🙂

    Deeps, glad to have company.. 🙂 Thanks, lit up my day 🙂

    Karthik, you too? I thought young people these days would really not like pen and paper. Refreshing to know they do.. 🙂

    Mr JP, thank you for the kind words.. to get a clock go to this link
    All the best with your enhancement too.. 🙂


  7. I can understand how important it is for a post ot be detailed on paper before being typed out!

    This practise goes back many years when doyen authors would detail their articles on paper before they would have them type-written on etched using a word processor!

    If anything, it helps one stay connected to writing by the hand and also serves as a good method to proof read!


  8. well i type directly on keyboard…not writing on paper :p …


  9. I was also in this habit earlier. I never felt comfortable typing my thoughts on to the key board because I always felt that it would somehow have a typo. Reason – could be the desire to have no mistakes. Got over it, but still could not get myself to typing directly onto the blog.

    Moved onto typing the whole thing onto ‘Word’ first, and then cutting and pasting on the blog. One day just decided that this was no way to do it and since then, about two months ago, have just started typing onto the blog. There are typos, but then this is no English language writing skill test…… you may not be able to get away with this excuse though.


  10. even am having the same problem…stopped 3 posts midway..and I dont know how to continue:P..really bad situation


  11. Ohh i cannot plan and write at all..I need to just get hold of a pen and a keyboard and write it all in one go… I dont raead it once again either… thats why english paper had spelling mistakes and now blogs have typos ….LOL


  12. Whee! Relieved to see some rambling.
    I think my need for pen/keyboard depend on purpose. For free-association I use the keyboard, because I like the ease with which you can erase, correct or replace thoughts. With poems/ideas forming in my head I vastly prefer paper. It just works much better than a screen when you’re trying to do some real work. I also like writing letters out, over email 😀 I wish people still did that for something other than bank statements.


  13. It happens all the time…


  14. Umm its the otherway round.. most often I dont write on paper at all.. if i can manage.. and even if i do.. rarely its posted online 🙂


  15. Usha,

    This aint a comment, i just replied to your comment you left on my page, do read it…



  16. where r u usha

    check writers lounge naa


  17. I don’t know to type as well but am reasonably fast in using the keyboard my own way. I prefer the keyboard any day over paper and pen. For can you copy paste, redo undo et al on paper?? Hehe… But I have a friend who has the same habit as you. He says he writes better on paper. So thats what he does, then types it. I just jot down things if I am away from the PC but would write the post opnly going tap tap on the keyboard.


  18. I type directly, but frankly speaking typing directly in to the key board has spoilt my spelling flow. When you write a particular word the flow of your hand is used to writing the correct spellings in the correct sequence, but after fast typing i find many words with correct words but in wrong sequence. And then the editing session takes its own time.


  19. I love writing on paper, but nowadays, I directly key my stuff on to a word document. But I still keep a little black book handy. It has a lot of scribbles and jottings, expressions that I feel sound good, ideas that strike me as unique, etc. etc. – most of them turn out to be rather mundane after a couple of days of rumination. But I feel verses have to be definitely written on paper. There is something very personal about versifying and typing it out would be too indifferent a method 🙂


  20. I don’t write and type(pencil writing that is).. But there is something about pencil and writing.. The sound the scurrying on paper… The shades of black.. Its wonderful


  21. No new posts on this one..You should..I am not that good at interpreting poetry..and I understand this one is more of a prose kinda thing..!!


  22. No new posts on this one..You should..I am not that good at interpreting poetry..and I understand this one is more of a prose kinda thing..!!



  23. First off, am terribly sorry for the delayed replies here. 🙂
    Hectic visits with family,Elder son home on leave, and Exams with a capital E.. and Corrections, all CAPS, lol, are my feeble excuses.
    I shall learn to manage my time, hopefully, and be able to spend some quality time, here, and catch up with the long overdue visits at your spaces too 🙂

    For now, thank you immensely for all your responses, suggestions, and the sharing of your own styles of keying in your posts. It is inspiring, and I shall somehow manage to learn a new trick too, in a couple of weeks, I hope 🙂 To directly type into my blog, or a Word Docu.; shall be back with individual replies.

    For now, a BIG THANK YOU to all you wonderful people 🙂
    You make my world a nicer place to be in!!!


  24. Hi Usha,You’ve been tagged here http://deeps-speakingup.blogspot.com/2008/12/yet-another-tag.html
    No hurries,take your time as I can imagine how busy you must be with the exam season on.
    If you like it,do let me know when u’ve done the tag


  25. I dont think there is anything wrong in writing first and then typing. All a matter of your own choice. This is certainly heartening because I think this takes care of many mistakes that some people make.
    I do type directly but writing has its own charm.
    Keep it up.


  26. Rakesh, I am still way more comfortable with writing by hand, because I get the feeling my thoughts move easier and I can add with squiggles and footnotes things anywhere else I want to. However, time and energy demand that I modify it a little, and so have started in a minor way to adapt to the keyboarding style too 🙂

    Stephen, lucky you 🙂 I guess most of the younger people are more comfortable doing that!!

    Mr JP Joshi, you’re right about one thing.. could never forgive myself for typos.. though it’s not a skills test.. still, occupational hazards deem it necessary that I at least have not typos.. lol! And with writing on paper and then typing it, am doubly sure of what I am doing, also I have that space to work in or out, of the text more.. 🙂 It a huge luxury actually, I’m finding out… one that I cannot afford much these days… 🙂 🙂

    Praveen… 🙂 Welcome to the gang.. 🙂 Have still not got over my block yet.. 🙂

    Rukhiya, wl get to it, soon.. I promise 🙂

    thearmyguy… lol… but you write wonderfully, nonetheless!!

    Aareet, that is close close resonance… 🙂 For writing verse.. nothing can replace pen and paper… in fact actually sitting with a pen and paper and doodling sometimes brings spectacular results, lol!!! Good to see you relieved at the content too!!!

    Twisted elegance, yeah, I know 🙂 Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Meena, interesting 🙂

    Dhiren, got that as well 🙂

    Stephen, 🙂

    Shail, you are lucky, really to be able to do that with ease… I guess my old habits will take a long time to die out 🙂

    Mr Balwinder, I know exactly what you mean.. 🙂 I have already tried that.. n the amount of time taken to re draft is sometimes tiring… lol!

    Roopa, that is nice to hear.. your little diary would be a treasure no doubt.. Don’t you love looking at it now and then, and just soaking in it?? A quirk of mine.. I know I do 🙂

    Prabhu, sounds really good, the way you put it.. I like those sounds and feelings too, with the paper and pencil.. 🙂

    samby… no time, basically.. but shall hope to do one by tomorrow.. I hope.. :)Thanks for checking in regularly, 🙂

    Deeps, a tag? Sure, in a few days! Thanks 🙂

    Mampi, indeed writing by hand has its own charm.. something I am beginning to miss sorely, because of the rush I am in now :)But you are lucky in that you are quite comfortable with the keyboard too 🙂 Thanks for dropping in to share that 🙂

    And a happy new year to all the readers too!!


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