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I am the light
You say, that has lit up
A life, and blotted out the

A cliché no less,
Am I that, alone?

Be that as it may
Don’t shadows sometimes comfort?
In the recesses of their being?
Hide, and warm old
Memories, never letting you forget
The Pain, that intensified
The Joy!

I shall not mouth another
Cliché, in return;
Though perhaps, I’d like to
Think that having your
Shade, and basking in
The Shadow, that is you
Has cooled my fevered existence
And given me that
Space, to hide.

Nay, blend, more like
Blend my light with your shade,
To ripple on, endlessly
Like the chiaroscuro
Playing on the shallow sand
Of the lapping lake, of existence.

26 November, 2008

The muse did visit, early 26th, November, but by the time I thought of sharing this one, hell’s highway was happening in Mumbai.


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro

  1. very nice words…esp. loved the opening…**I am the lightYou say, that has lit upA life, and blotted out theShadows.**


  2. Gr8 opening..Peaceful and realistic..Touches the soul and makes you ponder..Keep writing so well..


  3. Aren’t we all trying for that, Usha? and also thankful to someone for being a light that has lit up ours??I liked this much, Usha :)wishes, devika


  4. I shall not mouth anotherCliché, in return;Though perhaps, I’d like toThink that having yourShade, and basking inThe Shadow, that is youHas cooled my fevered existenceAnd given me thatSpace, to hide.Beautiful lines. There is no need for cliches with this kind of poetry, Usha. really loved these lines….


  5. Wonderfully put together…


  6. Awesome teacher.-NikhilPS:You post at a pace much faster than I can catch up. 😦


  7. very interesting to read. the font size is too small for old people like me.greetings from trichur


  8. Profound… That runs so deep ma’am! Hats off to thee..! 🙂


  9. Leo, thank you :)Fiducia, thank you for the warm words!Devika, very much so, as you say:) Thank you for the kind words too!Mithe, sometimes I think I use too many, so I bend over backwards this way too… 🙂 Thank you :)Hitch writer, thanks!Nikhil, good to see your words here, after a while; Thank you!!Mr JP.. 🙂 sorry about the font being small. Still, thank you for having stopped by with that note. Very kind of you.Karthik, thanks so much. Means a lot to hear that from you 🙂


  10. Beautiful words ma’am! 🙂


  11. Usha,Poetry is an art where the poet makes a shadow dance without the knowledge of the object of which the shadow belongs (see what reading your poems have made me!). And you do it so well.But then, I personally don’t have much admiration for shadows, because they don’t have an existence or identify by themselves. Purely my humble and stupid view.Cheers,Salil


  12. Usha, loved this one very much and these lines especially.”Hide, and warm oldMemories, never letting you forgetThe Pain, that intensifiedThe Joy!”Actually no, I love ALL of it!!


  13. Oh beautiful!Am so late in reading through.. I had been away for long and missed some gems here!


  14. Tara,thank you!!Salil, your comment is pure poetry in itself! A wonderful construct, and concept! I rather like your perspective, though of course, I cannot concur entirely, lol! Thank you for sharing your views and the kind words for the write!Shail, 🙂 Thank you for loving ALL of it:)!!Meena, it’s always good to see you here, no matter that it is late. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  15. never came across such a prelude..BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Kamna, this is late I know, but thank you.. for the loads of comments you have showered 🙂


  17. I am re-visitng to enjoy it once again 🙂


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