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India, My Beautiful Country!


Given the ferment brewing in different parts of our country, more of intellectual, and deep soul searching ferment, among those, who so far had taken anything and everything in their stride, trying to make sense of the happenings, being so used to apathy from those elected to take good care of them, I wonder, actually, if the topics for elocution that came this year, for our Annual Inter School Cultural fest [on November 21 and 22, 2008], were in some way prophetic! I have already shared one of them here, Tolerance is the Need of the Hour, which was presented by a Class 7 student, Niranjana.

I’d like to now present the topic and text of the Group II participant, Ashna D. Her group had this beautiful topic, given as the post title here, India, My Beautiful Country. She had to speak for 3 minutes. Exceeding the time limit would mean disqualification, and it was an uphill task all the way, trying to encapsulate the beauty of our nation, in 3 minutes. But needs must, and, the following was what came to me, as I prepared. With a bit of work on it, and editing, and nail-biting sessions where we timed, re-timed and honed the brilliant little girl, Ashna, to a perfect delivery, this , below is the finished product. She got the second place too; and a first place for English Recitation, [3 minutes again] for the touching poem, “Daddy’s Day” by Cheryl Costello Forshey, which for reasons of time constraint, had to be edited down to 3 minutes. But a first place for the poem, was truly deserving. She studies in Class 4, and is a prodigy; a wonderful, sincere, and entirely “there” child!! Congrats, again, Ashna. I shall also share some poetry that her elder sister, Anjana D. writes, on the other blog, A Quest.. 🙂 Soon, I hope.

So here is the text of the speech, on the topic, India, My Beautiful Country!!!

Ashna spoke:



A thing of Beauty is Joy Forever;

Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness…

these lines from John Keats, Most Honorable Judges, Respected Teachers, Parents and all of you dear friends describe the one thing we have in common, India, Our Beautiful Country!!!

For me, the loveliness of our land is seen, felt and known at the most basic levels. I’d suggest experiencing the fascination of India through these Thresholds – The Physical, The Emotional, and finally, the Spiritual.

All through the vastness of its length and breadth, India is unique in its tantalizing topography, colours and brilliance of flora and fauna! Is there another country so varied as to host golden beaches, on three sides, snowy mountainscapes, tropical forests, mesmerizing deserts, perennial rivers, fertile plains, plateaus, lagoons, bays… and Oh! So very many features?

On an emotional level, it’s the warmth of her peoples, their hospitality, their vitality and the energy that is the most remarkable. So pliant and warm is her welcome, reflected in her people, that they embody –Athithi Devo Bhava– our Guest is akin to God – the tradition that I do believe, makes her one among the top destinations on Tourist Maps! With fascinating variety of languages, customs, traditions, even an Indian is yet to know her fully in all her hues!

The Soul of India is the Spiritual Legacy of her Vedas, ancient Scriptures, the Science of Yoga and meditation, which are the unparalleled kind that even today Scholars from all over want to delve deeper into, and sip from, as if it were the nectar of Life. The creed of non-violence, unique to her, also marks this inner loveliness that is India.

This is best summed up in the words of Keith Bellows, the Editor in Chief, National Geographic Society, when he says, It was as if all my life I had been seeing the world in black and white and, when brought face to face with India,, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant technicolour!!

Beauty at its simplest and most Profound – India, my beautiful country, steeped in the culture and knowledge of her rich heritage!



There is something about this topic and speech that rings out clearly , this day, when her peoples come together again, to clarify and underscore the emotional strength, and hope to revive her political strength too. Salutes to those brave souls who gave their lives, so that we can still breathe her free, inspiring air!

Jai Hind!!!

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

17 thoughts on “India, My Beautiful Country!

  1. ” it will never
    Pass into nothingness…”
    Yes this country has seen so much and survived, we will only rise like the phoenix from this fire too.

    It’s great that these kids are learning these important lessons at this young age! Hats of to you 🙂


  2. nice to hear your own thoughts refected in sumones else’s….. jai hind… ! thanx for sharing the excellent speech…some of the quotes were wonderful..!


  3. Beautiful speeaches, beautiful thoughts, beautiful emotions….and you have a set of brilliant minds there Usha. I envy you your job, and I envy the students your teaching :).


  4. IHM, those lines from John Keats really said it all, and still do now. In fact we were initially rather floored by the topics since they were so general, but having done it, yes, those kids, all of them, who must have participated, and the audience certainly gained a lot!
    Thank you for the kind words too!

    Siddharth, [Samby:)] thanks! Glad you could share in them too!

    Roopa, 🙂 I envy them too, when I see that confidence, that attitude of wanting to do something, the way they adapt, and flow with the instructions given. Truly they are special children! Thank you for the good words too!


  5. India, My Beautiful Country – in 3 minutes was more than just an uphill task. The speech covered it beautifully. Loved the quote by the National Geographic and of course the evergreen lines, so appropriately used for the speech, by John Keats.

    I don’t remember participating in a elocution contest in Class IV. Congratulations to the stundents and teachers on this feat.


  6. “even an Indian is yet to know her fully in all her hues”- awesome
    and the national geographic guy’s quote..
    really a gr8 speech…and wud’ve been nice to see that 4th standard gal delivering it


  7. lovely inspiring speech!!


  8. Mr Joshi, thank you 🙂 Shall pass it on to the young lady as well 🙂 Well, it was difficult, but no matter how it was written, it was all Ashna’s effort!

    Praveen, indeed, I wish you could have heard her too.. 🙂 Thanks!

    Sashu, thank you!!!


  9. Wow! As a teacher, I’m sure you are most rewarded by the outcome of the students you teach!

    Wonderful words of wisdom there! I’m sure the coming generations will be blessed with a broader outlook and a sense of heightened maturity!




  10. Yes Rakesh.. there is that reward in the way a child recognises you outside school, the way they just smile at you, for no particular reason, down the corridor, at school, and the way the ask for your autograph when they leave school. And of course, a few years on, when they invite you to their wedding and introduce you to their better half.. 🙂
    I love working with children.. I guess that itself is a reward 🙂
    Thanks Rakesh 🙂


  11. Ma’am, that was a truly wonderful read…

    Whenever I think of our country, the following words by William Brighty Rands rings loud and clear:

    “Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful World,
    With the wonderful water round you curled,
    And the wonderful grass upon your breast–
    World, you are beautifully drest.”

    India is no less…

    Peace. Have a great weekend.

    Blogrolling your space with your consents.


  12. Karthik, that is a beautiful quote… I hope we get an opportunity to use that s well…:)

    Thank you, for the kind words:)
    And I am honoured that you would blogroll this space. Thank you 🙂


  13. Honoured??? Ma’am… Please! No big words. 🙂

    And the quote! Yeah… We had that poem as part of elocution. Seems an eternity, coming to think of it… I think I was in the fifth standard, then. But some words cling on, you know… 🙂



  14. Lovely, inspiring and even reading for 3rd/4th time didn’t make a difference. It was as much new.

    A welcome change for me to read such works after a lot of days, lol.



  15. beautiful speech… and the quotes were beautiful!


  16. Karthik, it’s not about big words, but feelings, big-time 🙂 And I do mean it 🙂 🙂 Thank you!

    Soumya, you should know, you gave me the punch line right in the beginning, 🙂 So Thank You, especially! Glad to have you reading and putting down words here too!

    Imp’s Mom, thank you 🙂


  17. very good speech….
    included each aspect of India in such simple and short terms…


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