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Beat this!!!


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family refused to meet, and interact with Kerala Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan, and his Home Minister, K. Balakrishanan. He was not welcome, as it was clear he had come under “duress”, the words, of Mr. Unnikrishanan. There were angry scenes at their house.

The CM left.

And now, on Times Now, I just heard this, a slighted CM Achuthanandan reacting to his unceremonious ouster from the martyr’s house.

He said that if it had not been Major Sandeep Unnikrishanan’s house, not even a dog would have gone there.

Can you beat that, any of you politicians?

Who’s next?

(This comes in tandem to the post that at IHM’s blog, about another politician who questioned the citizens’ anguish and their protests against politicians. I had just finished posting a note there, and my son called me urgently to watch and listen to yet another horror unfolding, in the form of the Kerala CM’s remark! Truly unforgivable!)

1 December, 2008

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

16 thoughts on “Beat this!!!

  1. You know what Usha, Maj. Unnikrishnan’s sacrifice should not go waste. We can see a wave of outrage amongst the people of India, and the fact that these guys have shown their true colours at this time is almost like the will of God.
    I think we are about to change, I hope my feeling is right.


  2. Right on,IHM, absolutely right. The wave is forming, and I hope it will serve at least to make them, in some way accountable for their actions, and help them to find a conscience within. Make them human. At least that.

    I have this feeling too. Let us hope that it does translate into real and tangible actualities.


  3. am lost for words…it almost makes me cry to see this pathetic display from a shit eater of a CM…
    and am angered to the point of doing an RDB on him


  4. Praveen, I know.. I have just read the write up in English that you posted. I think every Malayalee would be furious and shamed by that… and why only Malayalees, anyone who can proudly say I am an Indian will…

    Let us hope and raise our voice in some way and make that difference to such Politicos.


  5. I dont know how come CM og kerala got such a low morale value that he started telling any nonsense as he wishes.
    He should be thrown out of power for such a pathetic and culture less remark.


  6. well…the kerala cm’s remarks were really addressing not only major sandeep ,but all soldiers.At such time,they show their true colors…..y dont they understand people’s problem…..cant some one tell them that we ppl r in trouble only because of them…instead of providing solace……they tend to irritate us….acchutanand is an old man….he shud understand a dads problem who has lost his son to a terrorist…….bad


  7. Shameful!How dare anybody say this against such a person who gave his all for India? As you said Usha-there is a wave- a wave to make them human. thanks for reporting this. We are all with you and countless others in this change IHM & Usha…God bless the power of your words, both of you!:)


  8. I wonder how many new lows our politicians will land at. Does each one vie for that tag?

    God save us! 😀



  9. @Journey to home, it is sometimes inexplicable, but then there it is. True colours start showing, I guess. Thanks for your words.

    Stephen, yes HE should have been more understanding, at least given his age and so called maturity.. which vanished in an instant, the @#$^&%@#$%^&!!! No kind names for him, for sure. No matter what the provocation.

    Mithe, just read , right now, more about that wave on IHM's new post. It is encouraging, that things are happening. Let us hope we shall not forget and we shall continue the way forward, constructively!

    Karthik, they are a shame to the field of politics and have given it a status of untouchable, as far as a decent person goes. Politics is a dirty game, has been so , because of them. Hope there will be at least some kind of change, and soon.


  10. OMG…I DID NOT KNOW THIS ???? DAMN… His father already never wanted him to go to the army… he ran away from med school to nda… damn… i mean..what was he thinking while saying this.??? this is outrageous..>!


  11. i am the armyguy…. posted with the wrong accout ..sowwy !


  12. Siddharth/Samby [?], this actually happened, and we saw it, heard it, while it happened!
    No greater shame for the institution of politics in India, truly!
    Outrageous, is an understatement. And damage control has started with apologies and all, but even that is a farce, considering that even that came under duress, after he said there was no need to apologize and he did not regret saying that!
    And still he gets his Z cat. security, he sleeps on in peace at night! Unforgivable!!!


  13. There are two kinds of breeds in India now. One who are humane and the rest are politician. I don’t see any sign of them being anything but a mammal that is far off from being a civilized person or a human in fact.


  14. Soumya, well said!! And let it rest with that! hopefully the protests which are gaining ground shall infuse some humanity into them!


  15. And thank you Spontaneous Mini, for leaving the link, given below the comments.


  16. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it the first time. Most shameful. He stooped so low. Actually that remark should have seen him making an exit. I am with Praveen on this one.


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