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An Open Letter to the Government of India



29 November, 2008

An Open Letter to the Government of India

I have to, in some way, express this deep anguish over the many losses our nation has faced today.

Though one cannot quantify the loss as more or less important, I do feel gaping holes have been left with the demise of the bravest of our countrymen, of the NSG, the Mumbai Police and the ATS.

And at this point, I come back to a bickering Government and the IAS Babus, over the Sixth Pay Commission. Are YOU so gutless, as to still pursue that YOU are worth more that these brave souls who dared to go in where YOU WOULD NOT? Is that grade of the Lt. Colonel still a bone of contention? How much further will we take this Babudom’s Autocracy??

Can’t the Government, unanimously, cutting across all boards at least NOW, NOW, for heaven’s sake, say that there will be no more anomalies and will accept unconditionally the Service Chiefs Requests on that?

They are only asking a little of what they deserve. And no one who dares to call themselves an Indian this day would begrudge them this little they can do for the Services.

I know that this seems inappropriate, but what better occasion than this to drive home the point that it is these poorly paid soldiers who unhesitatingly, unstintingly and unconditionally put themselves in the line of fire; and did not boast about it in front of the media.

They are the unknown faces of succor to the nation and yet, we do not give them a single benefit they deserve.


That is saddest part of today’s governance. That YOU will not do this, for those, who lay their lives down, laughing in the face of danger, and making sure we can sleep in peace at night.

Can you Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Defence Minister, and Mr. Home Minister, not do something about this?


Hoping that this will be received with an open mind, and a generous spirit, and the Heart of an Indian

I submit,

A Grateful Indian


I wonder if my vision is earthworm like at this moment, but there is a feeling deep within, something that has been wanting to take the Government by its collar and shake it senseless, demanding to know why even now, they quibble over giving anything to the soldiers. I am not an expert on the exact content, but I do enough to know that injustice has been done, is still being done, in not accepting the perceptions of the Services.

The country, the taxpayers are only too happy, so why is the Government, as always, creating obstacles, by giving in to the Babus, the IAS?


30 November, 2008

Edited to add: Just found this, on Mr S. P. Joshi’s blog, Random Thoughts. It really gives an eye opener of a view, simplified for us to understand, of the reason why the anomalies must be corrected, and the SErvice Chiefs requests be met. It is called The Armed Forces of India.Do excuse me for using it without permission. But it elaborates your comment very well too.


Author: Usha Pisharody

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Government of India

  1. I agree with your open letter and need to add that it’s not about the pay alone that the defence forces are so agitated about.

    It’s about command and control problems; its about the order of precedence; its about the understanding of the term ‘civilian control over military’. In India it is being more and more understood to be the control of the military by the bureaucracy whereas it actually means control of the military by the people, through their duly elected representatives who form the government. This cannot, and should not, be delegated. The defence forces are answerable to the people of India through this mechanism, as the people of India pay for their upkeep. The bureaucracy by its proximity to the political bosses are wilfully undermining the forces for petty gains. This is the reason the three Chiefs wanted the political committee to look into the grievances rather than the Committee of Secretaries. These are some nuances of the problem that I thought would be of interest. Sorry for the long comment.


  2. Mr Joshi, Sir, thank you very much. I needed to speak of that aspect too, but in the heat of the moment, I focussed rather poorly. My apologies.
    Yes, indeed, it is not about pay alone but as you say, command and control problems. What most times, gets my goat is way it is perceived; that the civilian officials are the one to establish command, as against where it should actually come from. Where it has been trained to , really.

    I do not mean in any way to take away from the Civil Services, but things have come to a head with the ego rearing its ugly head.

    And Sir, no apologies for the length of the comment:) I hope you will always express as much as you would like. It is a pleasure and an honour to have your views here. And most of all, very educating.

    Thank you again.


  3. I have touched upon this subject in my comments too. It is outrageous that the most corrupt babu is paid more than those who are ready to die for he Nation. But it’s the Babus who decide these things. This country needs to wake up.


  4. IHM, yes, I know. I have read it at your space too, and that again prompted me to do something by way of expression. Actually on 29th, I tried putting this on the feedback page of some channels and papers, but was rather unsuccessful owing to some technical problems. Eventually, feeling the need to share it, and rant again 🙂 it came to be this, on this space. Thank you for concurring and the call for the nation to wake up to it.


  5. Wonderful one. And this is the need of the hour too. To voice against this infrastructure and government’s inability to give us a secure place to live in.

    I am working on one too. Will surely let you know when its done.


  6. Soumya, just discovered this when i was sifting thru’ some old posts. Thank you for your kind words and for the way you are also contributing your bit!


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