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I’ve never understood
Quite exactly
How you always know…

Times, when my brightest
Smile, I flash-
Not wanting you
To be touched by that
Ache, I hold below;
You simply draw me
In, into your arms,
And take that ache away.

Times, when I seethe,
In silent stony, stubborn steam-
You gently warm, and
Keep me cool, and pliant,
With the lightness of your heart!

Times, you know so well-
Brimming with the intense emotion,
We simply touch,
And melt, into the
Dervish of the recurring
Love Dance-
Spiralling upwards
Ever entwined,
Our fragrances…

And so, I don’t want to know too…
How you always know-

You will always…
What more, then

To be known?

23 April, 2008

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

18 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. Ah! juz love the feel f this one…so much of love…ah!i could never have enuff of this 🙂


  2. Shades of love :)beautiful


  3. Isnt it so true that we as human beings, despite our (perceived) superior advantage over other beings, fail to understand the nuances of the world?Very well written! Appreciate it very much!


  4. Wonderful! Full of so much love, it makes me feel so good! 🙂


  5. Sash… 🙂 🙂 thanks !!Shalu, thank you too:)Rakesh, you say it absolutely true, the (perceived) advantage, most times does not work in case of little details 🙂 Thank you for the kind words of appreciation!Tara, and that is the way I feel too everytime I visit your space:) Thank you!!!


  6. beauty of the unknown!great work, as always..u will use up all the adjectives in my dictionary if you go at this rate:D


  7. Totally heart this one, Usha.. 🙂 Sort of lulled me into a strange secure feeling of love.. :)Adore this bit in particular.. ‘Dervish of the recurringLove Dance’Love,Me 🙂


  8. Hope you are talking about God here, Usha :)you know what…sometimes i say certain things and i wonder who said that..God, was my only answer…will happen with anyone, i feel…if faith in God be the key to open the door to others…i’m used to this lecture, please do not mind…i do not know much about you..may be i’m talking to a Goddess herself :)Nice one, Usha :)wishes, devika


  9. Took me for a beautiful ride 🙂 into the world of love… Quite amazing :)…


  10. Every one is writing serious stuff . Probably i should also write a poem , a serious poem ! hmm


  11. wow, blogger is flooded with poetry…!! loved this write…first time here, got here through shal’s sky!esp. liked the 3rd verse!! very nice…!


  12. You will always…What more, thenRemains,To be known?— One can never have enough of this. truly! Such is your poetry that above all, it makes us feel only good about the world and the ones we care for.


  13. beautiful..what great feeling!beyond understanding..beyond thought..liked this one a lot..


  14. Praveen, :D! Knowing you, you will find words 🙂 Thanks for a lovely note!Me, thank you 🙂 Lovely to know you connected to this in some way :)Devika, oh no, no goddess here, only in the nomenclature 🙂 thank you for your perspective too 🙂 Mahita, thank you for those warm words also!!@P h E N O m E n O N 🙂 perhaps you should :)Thank you for the read and the visit :)Leo, thank you!!Soumya, thanks! You know by now, how into these mushy writes I am, and yet you gift this a dignity and a quality with your warm words! Thanks, as always!Meena.. 🙂 :)MIP, thank you!! A note that is, to treasure!


  15. aptly put….so true…you keep wondering how on earth “they” understand and act…..its when you realize that “they” are for real……everytime its a new topic you decide to explore..and you justify it everytime…hats off usha…it has been great knowing someone as versatile as you…too good!


  16. Nomenclature is ggod enough for a Goddess to BE…:))Thanks Usha :)wishes,devika


  17. Sandeep, thanks.. and it has been very nice having met up with some great writers like you! However virtually it may be, one is touched by such interactions! Thank you, immensely!Devika 🙂 if only! Thank you


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