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The Corridors of Time :)


Doing this tag marks my arrival, as I see it, :), in blogdom! Thanks Praveen, for the invitation to do it. Here in my own rather insensible way is how I’ve attempted it.

The Tag
Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


-Your oldest memories

This is one that I shall always carry as a sort of fuzzy, wrapped-in-mist sort of memory. It’s of my father carrying me, patting me on the back, and me crying incessantly. I have asked my mother about it, and she says that it was probably at the time I had the jaundice, near-fatal, she says, that had me up all night, for several days. [She says she mentions this because I was a good and quiet baby!!] And being just a year and four months younger than my brother meant too much work for my mother! Daddy would sit up at nights, comforting me! And that, she says, was when I was two and a half! Would one remember that far back, is what I always wonder!

Other early memories include being in Delhi, the Holi and Diwali celebrations at Dhaula Kaun, where we stayed. The most vivid memories are being dunked into a drum of coloured water, and coming up spluttering and hooting, along with an unforgettable vision of a rocket set off on our lawn going up, a wide arc, and coming down on the balcony of the house opposite us where a Sardarji Uncle was sitting. The rocket finally landed on his pagari :D! Fortunately there was no serious injury, except to our ego, when we got a dressing down from the parents!!

-What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago, to date, was a moment where life was happening along an upbeat path. Having finally settled in Kerala, having prepared myself to do so, it was a moment of truth too! Things were looking up, my teaching career was also shaping up very nicely. The boys were doing good in school, I was back at my studies along with my work, and almost done with my PGCTE, from CIEFL, now called EFL University. Life suddenly looked good. In retrospect, I now wonder if indeed it was the lull before the storm. More on that, perhaps, when I am in a more confiding state, :-)!


I am at peace. With myself, and that I think takes care of everything! Of course that does not mean I’ve done all that I want to, and am now sitting back !! If anything life finds me busier than I have ever been, and while people ask me what it is I do, well, I tell them Oh! this and that…! Reading, writing, correcting papers [lol!], browsing the net for stuff to take to class, cooking, and most of all, trying as hard as I can to do nothing! Each day sees me making new plans. The Inter School Competitions are on now, at the state level, and in a couple of days, the kids will go out and perform. For the past month we’ve been working together, the kids and us, in Recitation of Poetry and Elocutions and Extempore. I love that part, working with the kids and seeing them adapt, and learning so much from them. Each year it’s a joy, one that never fades! I’m already planning for new poems, for next year!

The most important aspect of today is here! And Now! Blogsphere. It probably has had the most influence on the way I see things and accept perspectives. An ongoing lesson in life, is what I take it to be. Glad to be here, now!


Yet another day to get through! Sometimes instead of the prayer I have on my lips as I open my eyes, I want to go Aaaaarrrrrgh!! Especially if it’s a Monday.. this time it’s a Thursday, and it’s a day after an unscheduled holiday, because of a hartal in our place! A day that will be tension filled, as the next day is the D-day as far as the competitions go. The kids get their final practice, and that is always worrying if they are tense, or … 😀 I know I sound typical, but then there it is! Tomorrow is set aside for those children, all of them wonderfully talented. Do say a prayer for them, won’t you? Also for the tenth [Class Ten ie], as I struggle and strive to finish [them, lol] off their grammar portions.. 🙂 I empathize, sympathise with them, but darn! I just have to do that too!!!

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

If I still will be 🙂 – A year away from retirement, but still with a zest for life, and still as young as my heart is! Hopefully with boisterous grandchildren [awww.. indeed, I am being a predictable female here.. :)] to play with [not just look after, lol!] Still learning lessons from life, surely. And still blogging, hopefully with the same company I now enjoy in blogdom! I wonder if I should have by then taken a bit of courage in my hands to see at least one of my pieces in print 🙂 It’s a secret wish I have, and … well, it is the future, and future perfect is most often an unreal conditional sentence!

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

Books, Richard Bach’s, Robert Fulghum’s; music, the soft and senti stuff I hear, the musicals, Kenny Rogers, Bryan Adams.. and lots more; the pressed flowers I treasure; a few prized scribblings; some treasured hand made cards that my students have given me, and some of those precious b’day cards my kids and younger brother have presented me with. My old warm blanket [ I do have a thing about it, much like Linus in “Peanuts”.. :-)], and my old diary, in which I have hand written collections of quotations from decades ago.. these along with the most prized of all, my family and friends! It would have to be a fairly big one, as I keep wanting to add to my list!

And now I’d like to tag the following people: [Of course, if you have not been invited to do this tag before, and if the inclination so permits :)]

Indian Home Maker
Sasha – She has done it here !!
Omana [I’d love it done in Malayalam too!]
Meena [Winnie the Pooh] had already done it here… 🙂
Mahita, who very promptly did it here here !!!


19 November, 2008


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

14 thoughts on “The Corridors of Time :)

  1. Thanks @solitary writer; shall drop by at your space too, hopefully soon!


  2. That is beautiful one. And thank you for tagging me. You are the first one to ever tag me, and I was totally bewildered before this as to how the “tag” works. But I guess I have now got a hang of it.


  3. Thank You Ma’m, for tagging me. I hope u will enjoy reading my post as much as I enjoyed reading yours.


  4. Foreign language? Do you teach a foreign language too?
    From your posts, and comments I thought you taught English!

    “Each year it’s a joy, one that never fades!” That’s how I feel too 🙂

    I am amazed at your first memory, human mind can retain more than we imagine!

    And I also hope we are all here, ‘same company in Blogdom ten years from now’. I think we will!


  5. There is an absolute joy to see you discovering yourself to this prosaic form of literature. The whole parchment feel of the theme, the selection of font. unmistakably ‘your’ neatness – all of them contribute to your natural talent to express anything beautifully.

    The piece has it all, I ladore the forever hopeful you in ’14 years from now’.

    Hope through the corridor of time, this journey will be a journey worth cherishing and remembering for all of us.

    Thanks for the experience ma’am.

    I will not blame the sand clock from now on for being unequal except at midnight!


  6. I love tags! I have already done this one.. here


  7. Roopa, thanks for accepting, and yes, I will be there to read it too.. 🙂 If I could learn how to do it, it will be a cakewalk for u 🙂

    Mahita, thank you 🙂 More so for the prompt reply and doing the tag:)

    IHM.. lol no! no foreign language 🙂 Jus did that course at EFL U. I teach yes, and English, only, yes:) And yes, touchwood, that we shall be in blogdom, reading each other, years hence too 🙂

    Ah Soumya, you bring to memory a delightful write of yours too..! The sand clock.. yes! Thanks for the indepth view of the blog and its contents you have shared 🙂 Thanks so very very much.Am looking forward to reading yours, in verse.. 🙂 Wow! That would be wonderful!!!

    Meena, thanks for confirming that 🙂 I was sure that some on the list would have, and thanks for the link too 🙂


  8. atlast u did it:D
    loved tht rocket on sardarji’s head..hehehe

    u must be having a gr8 time with those kids in school..they r lucky to have such a wonderful poet and writer as their english teacher..

    and convey my best of luck to them:)


  9. Praveen, 🙂 at last, I did it 🙂

    And yes, I still talk about that rocket and the sardarji uncle , to my kids, at home 🙂

    The kids at school might not share that opinion though, hehehe, but me.. [And they do not know I write and all.. lol] I love being with them, and learning from them. The one thing that really upsets me is the corrections thingy.. all the others are just fine.. lol!!!


  10. Was nice to know all this.. I was glad.. Saw myself moving up and down.. Reading over and over again!

    All your wishes would be granted.. You would write for 14 years and more.. we wouldt let you do otherwise.. The print thing has to come sooner than later.. with the kind of things coming now.. People might loose interest!

    We love to see your writes.. go on writing! Corrections would cease to be a pain, if you find a pattern in answers!

    It was fun.. Good read!


  11. I really don’t know what prompted me to open up this page, but I am thanking all kinds of heavens.

    First things first, you are so you! (I know this is a stupid thing to say, still!)

    There are two things I want to say, without tagging them first or second, since both are meant in equal proportions:

    – If there is one thing I have felt like I have touched today- it is Peace. With Pathanay Khan singing- Kya haal sunawan dil da, your write-up has been utterly comforting.
    “Like a soft white feather settled onto the ground, after all the turbulent winds emptied themselves onto it- It sits pretty there, softly asking the still ground, “Have you seen life?” ” [Not much of a verse, still I am prompted as much,pardon!:):) ] 🙂

    The next thing is this: I will hereon push you to write pieces like these. My secret wish to decipher ‘why’ I admire you so much! 🙂

    [Whew! That was long! :P]


  12. Prabhu, God Bless you!!! That is such a delightful note!! thank you, thank you , thank you… 🙂

    And Rukhiya, what a heartwarming bit of yourself have you left on this space with those words! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for that!!!


  13. finallyyy…wrote dis one!! check writer’s lounge..!! 🙂


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