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An Option!


Perched on the edge of sanity
Is a bit of eclectic thought
A bit that is quite entirely me-
Wondering if it were not better
To fall off the precipice of conformity
And wallow in the sheer wanton world
Of a seamless, rule-less, liberation
In being only a soul; naked of the body
Soaked in the stupor of endless ecstasy

Of discovering that

16 June, 2008


Please don’t stone me dear readers, for, as you guessed it :), I’m just airing another that got lost in the pile here:)

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Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

16 thoughts on “An Option!

  1. Ah just amazing!I loved the end.. starting from..To fall off the precipice of conformityAnd wallow in the sheer wanton worldOf a seamless, rule-less, liberationIn being only a soul; naked of the bodySoaked in the stupor of endless ecstasyOf discovering thatI am charmed.. even if this is like a bit dark! still loved it!


  2. first time I started reading it, I dint see the pic at the top. And I had formed an image in mind..after finishing I just looked up and was shocked to see an almost similar image..I imagined a guy standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to take a flight of fantasy…In the pic, he already took it:Dnice work..and no we wont stone you for giving us such inspiring thoughts..hehee


  3. one doubt..was ‘the fountainhead’ a small inspiration for this work?


  4. my dream too ! 🙂


  5. Meena, charmed by your comment too! Thank you!Praveen, now that you mention it, Howard Roark has been one my heroes ever since I read “The Fountainhead”; and for you to have in some way seen that uplifted and indomitable spirit of that story in this write … woah! Thanks a ton! Glad that the pic was close to your perception of teh write as well! Double thanks!!Shal… somehow your writes always tell me that if not anyone else, you’ll certainly be there, in that dream :)Thanks for reading it again!


  6. Another lovely one, Usha!I’ve issued an invite to you on my new post – hoping you’ll accept.Take care.C


  7. Thanks Corrine! Also for the invitation! Shall certainly drop by with something special for my grandmom.. 🙂


  8. Thanks, Usha. Waiting…and hoping… :)C


  9. Stone you? We love you! Another beauty from Ushaji’s stable! I can just relate to it so well, it’s that which I always dream of, always fantasize about….just being a free soul…no strings attached, disappearing into the endless dark, the anonymity, trying out everything the world has to offer…living so many lives in one! It’s almost as if this poem is written for me…:) Thank you!


  10. I continue to be amazed 😐 That would anyways be understatement! Hope you never leave scope for words 🙂 Let them flow and let us fly with it, if not let us flutter in the wind 🙂


  11. /eclectic thoughtA bit that is quite entirely me-/and /To fall off the precipice of conformity/Love these words!


  12. Hi Usha, That is a profound poem. Liked it.


  13. Corrine, 🙂 soon, I hope.. :)Tara, thank you for all those words, and the support.. 🙂 I do love that feeling too.. to wanting to just break free.. 🙂 Thanks for connecting!Prabhu, wow! am touched by that note. And I do hope the words shall speak for themselves as they always have.. :)thank you!IHM, thank you :)A joy to hear from you too!Punam, glad you liked this one. Thanks for dropping and sharing that!


  14. Beautifully written.I got here through MIP’s blog. I saw your comment there and the word “synesthesia” made me curious…I want to read all of it 🙂


  15. Thank you Roopa ..:)I liked the way November came thereabouts too…Shall come back there, for more 🙂


  16. Wow !!! but “lost in the pile” ? How many more such beautiful ones are still lost and remain un-found ?


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