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Towards Destiny


“You can never go home again”
Thus spake a wise man
Years ago, of how Time
Has that fascinating property
Of lending distance, excising
Incisively, through experience, any
Tremulous familiarity with a past.

Nestlings fly away,
Rarely ever, to return to their
Nest of birth;
Though Salmon brave
The currents to reach the
Old spawning waters;
Nothing less that a cruel
Destiny awaits!

And while that invisible
Umbilical cord strains
With time, and its ally, distance,
One forgets that the
Process of Birth
Is a one way street-
A that cord can
Never be retracted!

Thus, as Time oxidizes
Rusts the sheen, and finally
Shows the doorway:

The game, it moves up, another level.

5 July, 2008


Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

9 thoughts on “Towards Destiny

  1. And while that invisibleUmbilical cord strainsWith time, and its ally, distance,One forgets that theProcess of BirthIs a one way street-A that cord canNever be retracted!Lovely lines ma’am..Loved the thoughts thats interlaced..elements of high didactics beautifully knitted..:)


  2. So neatly worded!! And the message oozes out through and through, from that salmon, that nestling, that umbilical cord. Amazed! 🙂


  3. This one has it in itself to be a lesson of revelation with an undated expiry. It is great!


  4. Waaow….Usha,I love poems and poeting..ahhahh, your blog is so lovely…so full of lovely poems…woow I’m really amazed and glad I came accross your blog. I use to collect nice peoms and somwhere along I lost that and I’m getting back into the mood & interest now that I saw yours…we may share and exchange…but I’m totally not a professional like you…wow I love this.Please do visit my blog wen you can and keep in touch!


  5. Such a deep and exquisite write!! towards destiny!! a destiny dat z often not re-traceable, ain’t it?beautiful! and even more, i’d term it par brilliance!!! 🙂


  6. “as Time oxidizesRusts the sheen, and finallyShows the doorway”Excellent!


  7. As rukhiya said…neatly worded…nice choice of words..P.S: My blog updated…think u have not read the last 3 posts…do visit soon..


  8. BUT…where are you these days..we all miss you..


  9. Oops lots of catching up to do!Bharath, Thank you for those kind words!rukhiya, thanks so much for the way you bring in those angles too!Soumya, I like that phrase, undated expiry:) thanks!God’s little angel, thank you, will certainly drop by:)Sash, Thank you:)MIP, glad you like those lines… and well am back in action now:)Rajesh, thanks… and do take care and enjoy the break!


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