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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)

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Wielding that brush-
With the colours of Life,
Arrayed in splendour…

She wondered what
Her brush would choose.

Not matter, though,
She knew – the colours
Would be those,
Destined to meet and merge;
And fill that-
Envisioned in the
Artist’s Soul.

Chewing upon his Pencil’s stub,
He wondered at those
Words, that eluded him;
As he groped, for their
Sustenance, their life-giving
Rush of adrenalin.

The hovered, and danced,
Glided and waltzed,
Just out of reach!

Lying on the grass-
He looked up at that
Universe, the swirling
Mass of tangible emotion…

Sighed and shut his eyes;
Rolled over, on one side
And leaped to his feet
In one swift motion-
To net the first word
That he intercepted!

Only to be caught himself-
In a vision, ethereal
And mesmerizing;
Of swift brush strokes
Of colours that lived,
Of a canvas, shouting
In wild abandon-

She painted.
He wrote.
Immersed. Enthralled.
Enchanted. Engrossed.

Till –
At the same instant
They recognized each other,
And smiled.


Usha, 12 April, 2008

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A Mother’s Heart

A mother’s heart
And will,
Never, but never

No matter-
What destiny throws;
No matter-
The scriptures preach;
No matter
Rational Rationale
Solace and Consolation
No matter that
Even she tells
Herself so.

His head
In her arms,
Lying across her
He smiled,
A final smile;

So she smiles-
Even now,
For her heart
Cannot grieve;
Having still not
To fate’s answer.

For her,
He Still Is-
Never Was.

A mother’s heart,
After all…
That never
Gives in…
Gives out.

And so
A Memory Lives.

Usha, 21 March, 2008